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Increasing Browser window text size?

  • Hi fellow Opera users!

    I know this has been discussed off and on, but is there a way to increase all text size?

    I'm currently using Opera 48.0.2685.52

    Please, somebody, help this older man see the text again!


  • @gurpsgm I think this is done in OS. You can use custom scaling in Windows settings.

  • There is an addon called Font Changer (download from Chrome). Upside: makes fonts as visible as you want. Downside: Considers all little icons to be font elements but can't render them, so result is empty boxes. Switching between modes is easy but irritating.

  • @gurpsgm

    I have been searching high and low for a way to increase the font size in the browser user interface itself. Do not confuse this with zoom and font sizes on websites that are displayed. Right now I would like to increase the size of the font that is in the menus and bookmarks panel as well as the bookmarks bar. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks.

    There is a great extension for Firefox called Theme Font Size Changer. It works great for setting the size of the UI fonts in that browser.

    @gurpsgm umm.. I couldn't find this extension for Opera.. Tell old man me sowwies

  • There is a setting in Settings > Websites for Font size, but it only effects web pages (not the user interface - menus and toolbars). Mine is currently set to "Medium".

  • I gave up with software solutions. In the end I got a 50" TV for my PC and now I can see everything with no fuss.

  • @gurpsgm

    the "global" windows method is not preferred ! if you do that all windows sizes, text, icons and objects will change.

    if you want to control the readability within the browser and only the browser without affecting how windows sizes, it is very very easy. I learned this about 15 years ago..and it still works on just about any windows based browser.

    open the webpage in your browser. Then hold down the control key (Ctrl) One is on the lower left of your keyboard. the same key function is also on the lower right. Hold one of those down and at the same time, roll your mouse WHEEL UP. This will increase the size of everything you see on that webpage. Likewise, Ctrl-WHEEL DOWN, will decrease the size of everything you see on that webpage.

    I am not sure if opera memorizes page sizing for each site you perform this neat little trick, but most modern browser will remember the size you set it. if you flush your cookies for that webpage when you close your browser, however, that memorization is lost. But since the trick is so simple to use, saving cookies isn't really necessary, unless you are super lazy. Once you do this a few times, you will really like it, as you can control the precise page size, that best suits readability. We know not all webpages server up the same view and font sizes (remote fonts and webpage design is certainly unique for just about all webpages), but you can at least get the size you prefer by this simple "hack".

    try it out.

    Ctrl-Wheel up (or down). watch the webpage readability improve!