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  • I hope Media Control Feature like Opera Neon. I want to pause & start Youtube video & Internet Radio & Podcast! I could to do this by Opera Neon.


    Now I can do mute by Opera. But I am not satisfaction about it. I think Many users feel same thing. Because when I muted tab, Video & Music & Podcast would not to stop. Only mute. Only "no sound". If I want to listen from mute point again, I must rewind. It is a little troublesome.

    So, please add this feature! I think this feature will become essential feature for Web Browser.

  • I made images about this feature. First one is for Opera. I tweeted to official acount with this image. Second 〜4th images are for Vivaldi Browser (Forum).





    I think Volume control feature is not necessarily need. But I hope Great Opera Staff add pause & start feature to Opera!

  • Yeah, that would be cool to have this in Opera 😃 Another killing feature, to leave competition another years behind 😃

  • but needs to upgrade player to supports all formats of video n audio some formats nt loading in neon browser

  • @aravin33 It is ideal to support all video & audio formats. But I don't think Opera need to support all video & audio formats at this feature. At first, it is good to only support formats of famous sites. YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, SoundCloud, and so on. If so, almost users would be satisfaciton.

  • @kyu3 am nt tried netflix but no add ons here
    We cannot find all the required components to play Netflix on this device. Please visit chrome://components, locate the WidevineCdm component, and click the "Check for update" button.
    For additional assistance resolving this issue, please visit our Help Centre.

    only netflix supports in chrome

    only media player not supports some flash formats for tht only am suggest to upgrade neon n to add extensions like opera

  • @aravin33 I didn't know Netflix doesn't support Opera. Because I don't contract Netflix. But the reason I wrote "Netflix" at previous comment is as example! Famous Video site example.

    And I like Opera Neon. I hope that Opera staff add extension to Opera Neon, too! But Opera Neon's development was finished. So, I don't think Opera Staff add extension to Opera Neon.

  • if they upgrade media player to support mp4 n flash its gud work

    this day am faced some issues in loading gmail n newly upgrade outlook yahoo mail too

  • @aravin33 Flash is being deprecated so there is no meaning in adding support for it, not to mention that (HTML5) media player is there exactly to replace plug-in based media like Flash.

  • no i told only supporting basic video formats
    needs to upgrade more formats possible to play without struck, am awaiting adv video player

    major netflix video must need one component wide vine cdm only there in firefox and chrome

    need some upgrade revision of neon is best to go unable syn neon browser
    only limit down in neon over all player is gud interactive
    am planning like jw player to fullfill inbuilt player . i knew tht adobe flash player going stop main needs for games

  • @aravin33 Opera supports MP4, what is probably the most used format nowadays. Some formats and codecs are proprietaries and may depend on a (expensive) license to be used.

    Neon is not in development, it was something released just to show a concept.

  • Hope they bring more Neon to Opera. Reborn and Snap are a great start!

  • overall nice with media player

  • @leocg s

    km player also work all formats of media mostly