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  • @blackbird71 Eh? Looking at the cookies, local cookies are the only ones that remain after clearing data. They tell you the site visited and time visited. All other cookies are deleted. After browsing, simply pressing ctrl+shift+del (and deleting data) followed by ctrl+shift+x to close will get rid of all browsing data (and remember to sign out if on a shared PC). Whether it's a bug or not, it's still that simple to do and easy to remember. If cookies remained even after closing the browser, which they don't, then we'd have a major security flaw.

  • @Cozza
    Yes, I sent the bug to the Dev-Team.

    @leocg / @Cozza
    There are many situations in which you need to share a PC for Internet access, for example, if the network administrator does not allow freelancers to access the corporate network, or in a large family, or in a shared flat with only one PC. So there are so many such situations ... We can discuss that for an infinite amount of time, but that will not fix the bug.

    Why do the cookies and offline entries remain visible after deletion? I am not sure if this is just an error of the GUI, or if the data can still be found in a cache or a database, which can be read by a website !?

    A good browser also has to be fault-tolerant ...

    Thanks for your contributions.

    Thanks blackbird71 and burnout426, we are on the same track.
    Let's see what the Opera Dev-Team does.

  • Thought you all might like to know, I've recently been testing Opera Developer v50 and as far as I can see, ALL cookies are being deleted when either using 'Clear browsing data' or manually deleting them without needing to close the browser. Please run your own tests to confirm. Perhaps Opera took notice of the bug report (I sent one too).

  • Bugs DNAWIZ-22081 and DNAWIZ-21841 have been filed about this issue. They have not been resolved. However, I also tested in the latest Opera Developer (Opera 50) and I couldn't reproduce the problem. Can anyone else confirm that it doesn't have in Opera 50?

  • @cozza

    I have just installed the latest beta version.
    In Opera DEV-BETA 50.0.2762.4 64-Bit the Bug is fixed.
    Let's hope that it stays that way in the stable version.

    Special thanks to the Opera DEV-TEAM,
    and thanks to all interested in the forum.


  • @bitrat

    Team should look @ this Also Example:

    Private window while Browsing No lock engaged on dev 50 or 49 beta

    lock is engaged & green and works only on 49 stable..

    jus saying.. lol

  • @nvmjustagirl I can see the padlock here on 50.

  • @leocg said in Major Privacy Problem:

    @nvmjustagirl I can see the padlock here on 50.

    50.0.2759.0 64-Bit on vpn not locking..
    i dunno about w/o vpn.. all was versons was with vpn on..

    Thanks@leocg be updating soon !

  • @nvmjustagirl said in Major Privacy Problem:

    @leocg said in Major Privacy Problem:

    @nvmjustagirl I can see the padlock here on 50.

    50.0.2759.0 64-Bit on vpn not locking..
    i dunno about w/o vpn.. all was versons was with vpn on..

    Thanks@leocg be updating soon !

    ok i already got 50.0.2762.4 64-Bit Portable
    Lock not locking while on vpn @
    Doubled checked.. Only Stable 49.0.27725.34 x64 Portable locks the lock while vpn is on..

  • @nvmjustagirl Check extensions, broken profile, anti-virus and so on. I'm still getting the padlock even with VPN turned on.

  • @leocg broken profile,, thanks i use stable, beta, and dev...sumtimes i backup profles but me thought i could use the profle back ups on any version ! Guess not lol

    Lets say i back up profile from stable version and then intsall beta or dev.. then use stable 's back up profile and overwite the default beta or dev.. n e ways they all work.. lol

  • I did a clean install of 50.0.2762.4 64-Bit Portable with default profile then opened Private window and Browsed to Green lock engaged and working with vpn on Thanks @leocg !

    weird thing tho while i was messing in settings.. and dunno if this will work for everybody ? But lemme know if it does ! I unchecked box Continue where I left off and then checked
    Open a specific page or set of pages Set pages and I typed the word blahk in box for my home page...then guess what happened

    i now have vpn on as soon as i start Opera ! ! lol wow

  • @leocg
    umm Opera 50.0.2762.4 64-Bit Portable doesn't lock @ you tube, but does with the stable Opera 49.0.27725.34
    juz saying.. lol

  • Seems it is/was a Chromium issue.