[Solved] Youtube doesn't work for me!

  • Every other website works fine, but I'm unable to use YouTube. I can watch videos if I come from a third party site, and check my subscriptions, but when I'm on the site I can't search or click on videos.
    My browser is updated to the latest version. Anyone have any ideas on a fix?

  • You can access Youtube but you can't play videos? Or you can't access YT at all?

  • Alright I'll try to explain it:

    so I can load the first page I go to. Say I type in youtube.com/feed/subscriptions I can load the page, and see all of my new subscriptions, however from there I cannot click any of the videos, select my playlists or utilize the search feature.
    Nothing will load.

    I can watch videos, but I need to either open the video from my subscription feed in a new tab, or load the video from a direct link. But from there I cannot autoplay new videos, use the search feature, or open new videos (unless I open them in a new tab).

  • So disabling extensions and ad-blocker didn't help as well as creating a clean profile folder?

  • Turns out I'm actually very stupid. It was an extension.

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