Opera 49 (beta) does not open www.hoeffner.de

  • Version: 49.0.2725.12 (PGO)
    Update-Stream: beta
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64) & Windows 10 32-bit Creators Update 1703
    (all plugins/addons disabled, no adblocker; Win 10: no firewall)


    The latest Opera beta (version number see above) does not open the URL https://www.hoeffner.de/

    Instead it states "website is unreachable"; i only have a german error message: "Diese Website ist nicht erreichbar.
    Die Webseite unter https://www.hoeffner.de/ ist möglicherweise vorübergehend nicht verfügbar oder wurde dauerhaft an eine neue Webadresse verschoben."

    I tried it on two different PCs, one at work, one at home, to exclude problems with our companies firewall etc., but both computers show the same message as mentioned above. The latest version of Firefox does not have this problem (tried it on both PCs)... so i think it may be a problem within Opera.

    (besides: i know that i only have a beta version, but an error is still an error...)

  • Maybe you could try this

  • Strange, it opens here on W7x64. But then I have other problems others don't have like not playing audio in some webpages...

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