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Can I make the default spell check better in Opera?

  • I recently switched to Opera as my default browser.
    Everything is great except for the built in Spell checker.

    I have used Opera and Chrome side by side for 3 months now and I often compared the Opera and Chrome built in spell check.
    Opera's is definitively inferior to Chrome's.

    For many misspelled words Opera gave me a single alternative, often wrong.
    If I took the same same text to Chrome, its spell checked would give me more alternate spellings which usually included the correct one.

    Incidentally, I am writing this on Opera Neon, and the spell checker seems to be better than on regular Opera.

    Could it be something I did wrong in the settings? I write in 3 languages (English, Italian and Spanish) so I have those 3 languages checked. On Opera Neon, for now, I only have English as default since I have just downloaded it.

    Additionally, in Chrome I have the option to turn on a Google service that often finds words spelled correctly but used out of context. There doesn't seem to be a similar option for Opera.

    I'd appreciate any tips or tricks to improve my spelling option in Opera. I like the browser better than Chrome except for the spell checker. I am a really bad speller (but at least, I can make mistakes in 3 languages).

    Thank you.

  • There is nothing much that you can do.

  • No solution to offer but I concur with conticreative's post.. Opera's spell check leaves much to be desired.
    There are a number of words that Opera will identify as "wrong" but are indeed spelled correctly..

    Ad Hominem for example. I get that is 2 words.. but 'Hominem' is spelled correctly. I have tried "add to dictionary" a number of times.. and even as I type this out - Opera is telling me it's spelled wrong. There are a ton of examples of this.. It's infuriating.. Spelling is NOT my strong suite, so when I try to use Opera's suggestions, frequently they are wrong and I end up copy/pasting the word in question into a search engine (or highlighting the word, Right Click and Search).. which never fails to provide the correct spelling.

    New to these forums, but if I could suggest a fix for a future release - PLEASE fix this!! or at least allow users to import their own "dictionaries" and make sure Opera correctly reference it.