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Cookies: Keep local data only until I quit my browser

  • Hi

    I have the setting "Keep local data only until I quit my browser". However when I check "All cookies and site data...", there are items with Database storage and Local storage. Why isn't all local data removed when I close the browser? Can't these other forms of storage be used to track users from session to session?


  • However when I check "All cookies and site data...", there are items with Database storage and Local storage.

    Even after you quit the browser? There are any info stored?

  • Yes, after closing and restarting browser there are database storage items remaining from a previous session. However, I'm not sure now whether items marked local storage ever persist as I cleared them all out. For an example of database storage visit

  • Immediately after starting Opera today and looking at "All cookies and site data...", I see there is "Local Storage" for from a previous session. Also a couple of sites have locally stored data marked as "File System", whatever that is. Several sites have Database Storage.

    So it seems that the setting "Keep local data only until I quit my browser" isn't doing what I'd expect it to do.

  • I wish there was option to only keep 3rd party stuff till you close the browser. So pages work fine when you're using them, but 3rd party crap gets scrapped when you close the browser.

  • Personally, I choose to block 3rd party stuff and haven't run into any major issues. I've used the
    Chrome plugin Click&Clean but it seems this doesn't totally clear all cookies either. Doing it manually is a pain.

    I notice Firefox does delete all cookies. Opera really are a bit sloppy here!


    It would seem that deleting cookies doesn't delete session cookies. The post in the link is a bit old but still relevant.

  • It would be good if the Opera team would acknowledge this as a bug and fix it. My worry is that allows sites to track the user until the user takes the trouble to go into the settings and manually clear all the site data.

  • How does Chrome behave on this?

  • I've just did a little test here and all my cookies were removed when Opera was closed.

  • Just thought I'd update this thread as I've worked out how to remove all cookies:

    I'm still seeing a Google cookie (after following the steps below) when using Opera 48 but Opera Beta 49 is deleting all of them. Hopefully when it goes stable this will continue to be the case.

    The checkbox in Settings/Privacy & security/Cookies 'Keep local data only until I quit my browser' only seems to delete cookies that are marked 'Local Storage' when you close the browser. You also need to go to History/Clear browsing data and select 'Cookies and other site data'. Once you clear the browsing data, this will delete all other cookies but wont delete any cookies marked 'Local Storage' - I confirmed this by temporarily selecting 'Allow local data to be set (recommended)' in Settings/Privacy & security/Cookies. I hope this isn't too confusing.

    To sum up: select 'Keep local data only until I quit my browser' and also run 'Clear browsing data'(Ctrl+Shift+Del) before quitting the browser.

    If you think this is all a bit long winded, I totally agree. Firefox has the option to clear browsing data when you quit the browser and I wish Opera had this option too.

  • @leocg little test is not enough my friend, try browsing few hours.. I noticed exactly the same behavior on google chrome, usually everything is cleared but sometimes, not always, I can find there google-analytics channel ID or "Local storage" for some random(?) website. In 95% of cases no cookies besides the "local storage" or "channel ID" but for example today I found even cookies for two sites (from tens of websites I visited today). I don't believe no one noticed this after years because this bug(or "feature"?) is there since ever. I manually check "Cookies and Sites data" every time I start browser. Trust no one.