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Do I risk losing my passwords and cookies and what sort of information is the server tracking?

  • I am not sure why it is not possible to retain the passwords even when I have to re-install the browser. Lately I had an issue browsing to (site was appearing offline with the same browser version used by the technical support official as well - Opera 47) which is aspx-based and thus I was worried to what level the server administrator is able to programmatically (or otherwise) send commands to my private computer and this as I read technical documentation relevant to session management within ASP.NET.

    I have not yet had the chance to troubleshoot the issue this falls out of my remit at the moment. Technology integration between different providers is not as seamless as it transpires to be at times unfortunately.

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  • It may be a developer page. I'm not very sure why this has happened but the page also might be restricted. 😕 Before you go to suspicious web sites, Research and find clues for it. I'm not a opera kind of guy. But I know about Internet and Internet Security. 🆙

    Thanks, World2Build.

  • You are not running ASP.NET, their server is. If you are talking about visiting their site with a web browser, what they are running means nothing to you. Opera - and most other browsers - will not let other sites access things on your computer. Now, if you actually have a website and are worried about hackers sending commands to it, that I can't help you with.

  • Why not possible?

    I can blow up everything and torch the rest and I shall still remember my passwords.