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Tab used to be with shade when focus now no longer but when mouse over it has a folds at corner

  • bar

    Hello ,

    How I can ask Opera to give me back when focus tab the tab with darker shade ?

    It used to be like that with darker shade but today don't know why is no longer.

    I noticed when mouse over, it shows a ' folds ' at tab corner.

    Thank you very much.

  • A folded corner is supposed to indicate that you have not viewed it since it finished loading. No idea on hover colors unless you plan to edit the skin.

  • Thanks !

    Do you know what causes tabs no more give me a " shade " looking feel when focus on tab ?

    Those tabs are from all my labels , it used to gives me " shade " when I use keyboard command shuffles around those tabs.

    Now, when I use keyboard command shuffles, nothing I can see & I do not know which tab is focusing on because of the " shade " no more appears.

    Thank you very much.

  • To my knowledge not too much has changed here. Right now my active tab has a light color while my other (background) tabs all have a darker color. Could that be the cause of some confusion?

  • Edmond is still using Opera 12, there shouldn't have been any changes since 12.18 over a year ago.

  • Thanks all .......................

    I'm with version 11.50 and it 'recovered ' after re-starting my Windows.

    Worth saying it was horrifying when tabs ' appearing' shades when focus.

    I use that standalone Opera only for M2 mail purpose with 40+ tabs of my label always there ( say it again , M2 is still GOLD when compare to any other e-mail client in my opinion )

    I cycle my tabs ( labels ) using keyboard shortcut "o" & "p" representing moving " left " or " right ".

    You can imagine when pressing "o" or "p" you see no shade on those tabs .............. horrible as you are like working blind you don't know where you are.

    Thank you very much again !!!!