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  • I've seen a lot of complains about the new update, just adding some of my opinions.

    1: The home screen is now crammed with news I am not interested in, I have a dedicated news app that is customised to my liking, I don't need one in my web browser as well. Please give us an option to disable this or move it to another tab like it was before.

    2: My bookmarks are now in a tiny window above the news, the old design was great for quick access to sites, now it's annoying that it's a tiny bit I have to use to navigate my bookmarks.

    3: Dark mode has been very popular over the years, your app was great as we had the ability to make it darker. Now that we are forced to use this white and red design, it blinds you at night and it really doesn't look that original anymore. You have a dark theme on the desktop browser, why would you change it so that the mobile version doesn't have anything like that.

    4: You've switched the icons around at the bottom, why would you do that?? For years I've been using the bottom right of my screen to open tabs, now it is the settings which I keep opening by accident.

    5: After a year of no updates, I was expecting more than what was actually released. The app really isn't that great on iOS, I only have it because I love Opera on my computer so I wanted a mobile app that would sync nicely with it. One of the main features I would like in the app (also in the desktop version but an extension adds that) is a translation feature, I visit a lot of foreign sites that don't have options to change the language, it would be great to have sites automatically translate for you (like the Google Chrome app)

    I love that you've finally updated the iOS app, but these features are things nobody wants. We are seeing an uprise in "fake news" and bigotry, I now have to see those headlines every time I open up my browser

  • Agreed completely. This update was bad. Seems like everyone wants their mobile browsers to look like Chrome these days.

  • Ducky, although it's not a full solution, what I did to get the news off the start page was to create endless quicklinks of google's homepage until I couldnt see them anymore.

  • Ok, so it's not just me thinking that the leadership at Opera has lost their minds.

    This latest version has taken the best browser on and iPhone and destroyed it. There is not one function that works like the previous version, and to add some salt to that injury, we now have a newsfeed like Facebook and other soulless sites like MSNBC and Microsoft that spew useless information (and it doesn't drive my imagination).

    How do I roll back to the previous version so I can go back to using a well thought out and fully functional browser I've appreciated for so many years ?

    I would be deeply saddened and disappointed if this is the future for this last true web browser

  • There is already a topic for feedback about Opera Mini 16 for IOS: