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General Opera for Windows Discussion Thread

  • Is there anyone experiencing improper format when reading newspapers with Opera? The Chicago Tribune will not download properly. Is anyone else having this issue?

    It seems OK to me.

    How do I resolve this?

    Try disabling the ad-blocker. Also disable extensions.

  • What extensions should I disable?

  • Nevermind! It was my addblocker! LOL! Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate it!

  • What extensions should I disable?

    All of them. If the problem goes away, start enabling the extensions one by one until you find the one to blame.

  • vpn not working plz help

  • Hello to all of you. Thanks for the post / thread.

    Why do I have at least ten windows running in my Opera? I have "REVO'd" Opera twice; re-installed, and all ten running windows re-start after the installations, and it uses a lot of my memory.

    This is my Media account link (image):

    Any help or soln is greatly appreciated. Cheers...

    (REVO'd = REVO un/installer)

  • If you have multiple windows running, have you closed them? I'll presume you have, so then either you're set to start with a specific set of pages (and those 10 windows are the pages you set) or you have adware. Hoping it's the former ... go to Settings, you'll see a section named "On startup" with 3 options:

    • Open the start page
    • Continue where I left off
    • Open a specific page or set of pages

    Presumably that last one is checked, click on the link after it that says "Set pages" and then edit the list of pages found there. Or change to one of the other options.

    If that's not it, find an adware remover and use it to clean up your system.

  • Why do I have at least ten windows running in my Opera?

    Because this is how Chromium - in which Opera is based - works. It uses the concept of different processes for different things, so it creates one for the browser itself, one for each tab, one for each extension and so on.

  • Thank-you sgunhouse and leocg. I've had a quick look and see what you are both explaining to me. I will experiment with your answers when I'm done work today. Cheers and thanks again, both of you.

  • Thanks again sgunhouse and leocg. I've sometime on this, and I'm with the one for each tab, one for each extension and so on, and those open Opera tabs are there to stay... I'm gonna have to live with the crashes etc., but I'm not gonna be pleased with it. As one of my Supervisors always says, "It is what it is."

    Thanks again for replying; having the thread...

    Cheers 🙂

  • For what it's worth, yesterday upon booting up after some hospital vacation, I forgot to reset the clock starting Opera 36 right away. (My internal battery doesn't seem to hold and it sets to the defaults.)
    So I had then my Opera browser opening the "left-off" session time and time again "enjoying" constant browser restarting saying it was restarting after a crash. Eventually I remembered what I forgot, got to set the clock and did it, then the browser started and didn't crash.
    So I gathered the crashing had occurred because of not abling to cope with certain "time travel" incoherencies.

    For what it's worth, in case someone stumbles...