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  • The Opera 48.0.2685.7 has been promoted to the beta channel 😉

    The highlights are as follows: new converting tools for units of measurement – perfect for e.g. Celsius, or Fahrenheit conversions, anticipating autumn, and winter travels – and time zones, and also our snapshot tool. Today’s beta includes also importing bookmarks from Edge and Yandex, improvements for the Tab menu, the ability to remove history suggestions in the address bar, reorganized O-Menu, and sharpened images.

    Conversions galore – Convert units of measurement, time zones, and currency

    Today’s initial Opera 48 beta build, comes stacked with 14 unit of measurements, and 16 time zones, ready for your conversion whims. A simple highlight of the value, will convert the value from metric to its imperial equivalent, or vice-versa. A simple highlight of a measurement value, will convert the value from metric to its imperial equivalent, or vice-versa. With the time zone converter, highlighting, a faraway time zone will adjust it to your local time (or your system’s operating time zone).

    Easy copy of converted values, and fraction recognizability

    You can easily copy the converted value to your clipboard for later use. Hover your mouse of the conversion, to reveal a second “Copy” button, as demonstrated in the screenshot below, and click it to keep it in your clipboard. Opera 48 beta makes this tool more precise, with support for converting fractions. The unit converter can now recognize an array of Unicode subscript, and superscript forms, such ½ ft, 1⁄4 mi or even ³⁄₄₇ gal.

    One fix made during the developer phase, was the time converter will now work if an extraneous dot, or comma is found in the highlighted field. Also, a date (DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY) should be highlighted with a time, it will be reproduced in the conversion as well.

    Your local time is determined by your system’s time settings.

    Currency conversion is based on the reference rates, reported by the European Central Bank (“ECB”), using EURO as its base currency. You can learn more about the ECB’s policy, and exchange rates here.


    We are excited to implement a snapshot tool in Opera 48 beta. Inspired by our Opera Neon screenshot tool, you can initiate the beta snapshot tool, either by clicking the camera icon in the sidebar, or by a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + 5 or ⌘ + ⇧ + 5). After firing up snapshot, an adjustable frame will pop onto your screen, allowing you to frame exactly what you want to capture. You can also do a quick ‘Capture full screen’ to snap what you see on your monitor. Once you’ve taken the snapshot, you have the choice of saving it to your clipboard, to quickly paste elsewhere, or directly into your system’s hard drive.

    Importing from Yandex, and Edge

    Here is a complete list of browsers from which you can import your data to Opera: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Yandex, and Bookmarks from an HTML file.

    Increased number of recently closed tabs

    In the Tab menu, found to the far right of the combined search and address bar, the number of recently closed tabs has expanded from 10 to 32. During your browsing session, any tab, that you close will be stored in this panel. The recently closed tabs list is a handy, and abbreviated shortcut to your history page, allowing you to quickly recall a closed tab. Plus, all tabs queued up in the recently closed tabs panel, will be saved over to your next browsing session. Another quick way to open your most recently closed tabs is to right-click any active tab, and select “Reopen Last Closed Tab.” This page will resurrect in a new tab.

    Removal of history suggestions

    Today’s beta release makes it much easier to remove history items, suggested in the combined search and address bar. Whether that’s a mistyped search, or a page you want to forget about, you can get rid of it with just one click. Starting for Windows and Linux, removable search or page URLs, will have an ‘X’ on the far right end of the entry in the combined search, and address bar drop-down. Previously, you had to dig into your history log to delete it.

    Note: Removal of history suggestions is available on Windows, and Linux.

    Reorganized O-Menu

    The O-Menu has been cleaned up with more logical, and better organized sections. For instance, all bookmark-related actions, such as importing and exporting, can be found in the bookmarks submenu. In addition to these changes, we made coming back to recently closed tabs and windows much easier, as they are listed in the O-Menu.

    Sharpening the view

    Today’s beta build has sharpened toolbar icons for Windows, and better visibility for dark icons in the bookmarks and extensions bars, while in dark theme. Colors on the user interface are more uniform across all platforms. Two new buttons have been added. A “Resume” button is shown in your downloads page, when a download was interrupted by closing the browser, and a refresh button for errors in the sidebar messengers is present. Several icons and notifications, especially in HiDPI modes, have been sharpened as well (loading icons, pop-up and content blocked notifications, and updated plus icon in toolbar).

    Other highlights, and fixes

    Some important things we want to highlight: fixes for seeking and volume control on Vimeo, CPU usage on Google and Yandex maps, while hardware acceleration is disabled, and crashes relating to bookmarks.

    The Chromium is updated to 61.0.3163.49.

    The change log. You can find more details in the official announcement.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Seems to be update to the first beta already on FTP (Thanks OP).

    So how is 48 beta? Does it feel stable and robust?

    How is RAM consumption? (if possible: compared to stable?)

    How is RAM stability? (if possible: compared to stable?)

  • New update - Opera beta 48.0.2685.11 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Hi all, we are back with this week update for our beta stream. Just a few highlights this time:

    – Fixed issue with wrong title displayed on internal pages.

    – [Win] Improved folder’s icon color in the bookmarks bar.

    – The Chromium has been update to version 61.0.3163.59".

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New update - Opera beta 48.0.2685.16 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Hi, please find the highlights for this beta release below:

    – HiDPI fixes: blurred icons, checkboxes, and search engines are gone.

    – Fixed crash when closing private window, while VPN is working.

    – Netflix should work without issues again.

    Chromium updated to version 61.0.3163.71."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New update - Opera beta 48.0.2685.22 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Opera beta is nearing its most stable phase yet. Until it actually reaches the stable version, we have some updates to share.

    Opera 48’s appearance has been receiving some grooming, to look sharper in HiDPI screens, and to prepare for an entrance on the upcoming macOS High Sierra update. We fixed a number of issues with how tabs looked on HiDPI, and High Sierra. Animations for hovering over and dragging tabs, should look normal and nice now.

    Most important items from the changelog are listed below:

    – [HiDPI] Checkboxes were misplaced, and badly scaled.

    – [HiDPI] Auto-filling was totally misplaced after DPI change.

    – [HiDPI] Dragging a tab makes screen flashing after DPI change.

    – [HiDPI] Checkboxes are stretched on some websites.

    – [Mac High Sierra] Search popup font was too dark.

    – [Mac High Sierra] No animation on tab hover was shown.

    – [Mac High Sierra] Wrong tab position after drag and drop."

    The Chromium has been updated to version 61.0.3163.79.

    Known issue: print to PDF is not working properly on Ubuntu.

    Please let us know if you’ll find some bugs, or issues in this build.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Why has Opera 48 on Windows 10 stopped being able to print to PDF?

    I get a page that says that opera does not include a PDF viewer and do I want to use the system print dialog. I click on that and nothing happens.

    This used to work fine. I never had to load something else in order to print to PDF.

    It doesn't let me change printers either. Adobe PDF is the only option and it's locked. Chrome lets me change the printer to several other options.

  • Why has Opera 48 on Windows 10 stopped being able to print to PDF?

    I've just printed a couple of pages to PDF and it worked fine.

    I get a page that says that opera does not include a PDF viewer and do I want to use the system print dialog

    When did you get that message?

  • Well. I don't know what changed! I was getting the error as soon as I opened the print dialog. Now it opens like I would expect.

    So... nevermind?

  • New update - Opera beta 48.0.2685.26 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Here’s the last Opera 48 beta update till we go stable. We announced the release candidate last week, but sometimes we need a few extra days to make everything stable solid!

    Here’s what we’ve got this week:

    – DNA-62160 [MacOS High Sierra] Exit full screen – black line between tab bar, and menu bar.

    – DNA-63798 Renderer freezes after closing pop up with ESC.

    – DNA-63894 [Mac High Sierra] Broken drop target animation in extensions sidebar.

    – DNA-64063 Empty video pop out created for some content.

    – DNA-64167 Missing Norwegian (nb) translations in O48."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • I'd so like to be on beta stream but while stability might be quite good, the beta is a RAM hogging monster compared to stable.

  • Latest 121128 update (19/9/17)
    has fixed the problem with data saving that I was having,it would either not load sites/pages at all,or bare code or nonsense.
    Everything seems to be back working ok now..