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  • As I'm still on Symbian, it's only been about 6 weeks or so (not sure why/how it started) that I've had ads appearing on Opera (Mini and Mobile). I would ask that since you've spent the resources to incorporate this feature into such old versions, could you not also update the application to include an ad blocker? Or at the least, could you fix the application so that if I click "keep browsing" it actually moves forward? It doesn't on my Nokia E7, so I have to go backwards and reload. I never look at the ads anyway, but swipe back as soon as they start to load. Thanks.

  • Where do you see those ads? Ads can be added server side regardless of system or Mini version.

    Symbian is dead, there is no meaning in develop for it.

  • Thanks. When using any of the versions I have for Symbian, mini or mobile, when I go to any website, it takes me to that site, but when I go to any other page on that site, I see an ad. I can click on continue to browse, but it does not go forward, so I have to go back, and then it allows me to go the selected page when I re-click. This does not happen with UC Browser or the native Nokia browser. As such I assumed it was an Opera feature, and it has only been happening for about the last 6 weeks or so.

    You have indicated that it is not an Opera issue, so I can only assume that whatever other servers my requests are passing through are redirecting me. It doesn't seem like a cookie issue, as again, it only happens on Opera, and not on other browsers while going to the same sites.

    I recognize Symbian is no longer supported, so I live with that already, but I think that is unrelated to this issue, and now that you have indicated it is not an Opera issue, I will use my other browsers as perhaps they have built-in protections, or their servers are set up differently?

  • when I go to any website, it takes me to that site, but when I go to any other page on that site, I see an ad

    It seems a page ad. I don't think it's related to Mini.

    You have indicated that it is not an Opera issue,

    It doesn't seem to be.

    What is the address of the ad?

  • What do those ads show?

  • The same ads are shown on the Android's opera mini version 7.6.4 . The ads are related to opera mini. and for me they are made to improve the using of the latest version of opera mini. the ads are shown on a full page before the real page you want to visit. They make the browsing very difficult. and sometimes you must reload the page and there are case you lose the page you want to load, at the place you get the page of ads. But the ads also encourage people to use for example uc mini. My case for example my carrier block the latest opera mini ( doesn't know the reason) so with the ads , it's better for me to use uc mini. the ads are server side, they can add it on the top of page instead of using a full page.

  • The ads are for various products and services, and they are completely unrelated to the website or anything I would have interest in, or recently browsed for/about (which I guess says something else about algorithms!)Example: "Tint World - Fastest Growing Automotive Franchise" I hope AdSense donates their work to Opera!

  • I do have exactly the same problem ! Now surfing with opera, means we receive advertising allways, produced by Google ! That's a shame ! NB This ad "Devialet", I also received ... A click on a web site, we don't arrive to the web site, it's an ad coming ! I am going to ask for more explanations to opera administration . Because I loaded opera, not Google !

  • ornelien: It's sad to know that your carrier blocked the newest Mini client as it has a lot of great new features when compared to version 7. What is your carrier's name and in which country are you based?

  • Nothing new here? It seems that we've established these ads are provided through Opera, so it seems that unless Opera provides an updated Mini for Symbian, with an ad blocker,there isn't much that can be done.

    I guess I would again ask that since someone went to the trouble of making the ads appear, could you at least fix the coding so that clicking on proceed to site actually achieves that functionality?

  • @ornelien I have the same problem on android's OM 16. Its true that is a way to force the users to change latest vers. Its a pity, until a couple of years ago, Opera had better support and more respect for users who preferred to use the version of their liking!

  • @olasia I'm in Congo Brazza and my carrier is MTN. @clautrajano they are losing many users I think because of these ads

  • I am using opera mini 21 and facing same problem. I does not like the new version of opera mini. Once, Opera mini is the coolest thing on internet but now it is losing respect. I am using opera mini since 2009.

  • Lets migrate to UC Mini then until the y fix it,or leave it forever. Your decision,devs. Yours.

  • And now it seems they have a different version of Google search? Comparing to desktop, More ads appear at the top of the search listing. And this is on 7.1.32444, so despite Symbian being dead, this is the second thing that has changed in the last couple of months, so someone is doing something. Also true on 8.0.35626 - more ads appear on mobile version than desktop

  • @ozwan212 said in Ads on Mini:

    Your decision,devs. Yours.

    Unfortunately it's not ours :|

  • These interstitial ads are a deal breaker for me. Can a user opt out in any way?

    Does Opera see the irony here? Your ad blocking is one of your primary features that you promote - yet your browser now forces colossal... ADS???

  • Sorry, but as an android Opera user for many years, I just uninstalled 😞