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[Solved]Older version of Opera browsing problem?

  • I'm trying to wean her off her old laptop, I have a spare Windows 10 HP 4 core notebook laptop with 8 gig of ram and full HD graphics support. It would be relatively easy to make a new version of Opera look the same as her present laptop, I can even make the desktop look the same.....But my wife is a stubborn fixed in her ways type person!

  • No comment but I would like to know why Opera browser for my Vista operating system doesn't have the free vpn in the settings, I use it on my smart-phone but on Vista when I downloaded Opera it's not in the settings. I removed your program, goggled "Opera browser with Free VPN" for Windows Vista, loaded your browser and this time it is in the settings but not for free, there is a month fee associated with it. Norton scans all my download execute files so I killed that program and did another search, downloaded and this time the link I selected wouldn't launch I feel it was a good download files but I'm wondering what is going on? I switched to Opera a few months ago when Mozilla Firefox wasn't supporting up dates for use VISTA users, I thought I read you guys were. Us poor vista users are out in the cold even from Microsoft we can't upgrade to 10 easily without installing 7 then update to 10 unless we buy 10 and install...7 users got the update to 10 free! The Moderator Sgunhouse mentioned Opera 36 can anyone provide a link? Thx 🙂

  • No comment but I would like to know why Opera browser for my Vista operating system doesn't have the free vpn in the settings

    Totally unrelated to this topic but the answers is because VPN wasn't available in Opera 36.

  • @standsalone
    The latest (last?) version of Opera 36 for Windows Vista and XP is here.
    Use the setup file.

  • If I install the new version Opera 36 for Vista over the top of the older version 12, will it keep my speed dial present setup, or will it delete them? My wife does not want to lose her speed dials?

  • Speed dial should be copied over just fine, as should bookmarks and passwords. Newer Opera did not install "over the top" of 12.x, if you let it install normally she should be able to use either one.

  • I'll give it a try!

  • attached



  • Thanks davehawelly, this forum seems a little different from others I've used...I couldn't find where to address you; any-who I 'll give that link a try on Vista when I get home this evening. Over the weekend I did a little more ready up on Opera and found Opera 32 but same issue even though it said free vpn, it appears Opera might have kept me from downloading an older version even though I un-installed do to directory; so hopefully your info will be the charm. I know just enough about computers to be dangerous lol! Thanks Again, let you know if it worked or not.

  • The VPN was not available on the last version to support XP and Vista.

  • Just to update those who helped me with this problem:
    Installed Opera 32 and my (wife's) bookmarks and speed dials were copied over successfully. tested the new version and ALL sites can be accessed without problems from speed dial!
    So my wife is happy again, and I get to have supper!
    Thank you all for your help!

    PS: Removed Opera 12.18 with no problems, everything is back to normal!

  • Why Opera 32 rather than Opera 36 as a matter of interest?
    They're not a great deal different, but 36 is actually the latest version for Vista systems.
    You may find that it will auto-update to 36 anyway unless you've disabled the function.

  • Sorry I meant to write 36!