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"Outdated" Android tablet SLOW

  • It's Chinese, Android 4.0, couldn't find any setting to upgrade.

    Memory's limited, like 8 GB, plus an SD card.
    RAM consumption showing now usually about 60%. I don't remember measuring before, I'll explain...

    About tablet

    It's DIGMA, model number iDm7.
    Android version: 4.0.4.
    "Baseband version" (no idea): 1.5_130125.
    "Kernel version" (neither): 3.0.8+; inet_xzy@supperFAE #34 (no idea); "Thu Jan 31 17:20:15 CST 2013" (build date?).
    Build number: A13_86V_M758B.20130131.
    (Hoping I made those out right - font's very small, my eyes not very good.)

    The story is, I used the thing as a notebook, literally. Created some texty docs and wrote down stuff there. Well, apart from having copied some media there before, not using those much.

    So, it was not very glitchy, and was swift enough for the "memorabilia" tasks.
    Then I happened to appear in hospital where there's free WiFi.
    I registered and connected, tried using only the default browser at first, but then I had to get some other browser to open a bank site.
    Well, I ended up with four browsers there: the "Browser" browser, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Mini.
    No games or such. But I decided to get a CCleaner, too. Used with certain caution twice.

    The trouble is that the thing has become very slow even on opening "the table" (somewhat), slow on opening directories, jamming on opening my "Sheet to Go" text docs, my tablet's "default" purpose I described above.
    Frequent popups about not responding, even system not responding at least once.

    Is this Scheiße amendable at all?
    Deleting all the stuff I installed?

  • Yes, I turned the WiFi off. And rebooted.
    And tried that CCleaning I mentioned, twice.
    Should I try CCleaning more? Kill certain processes? (I tried not to.)
    When I did the cleaning, I did not check the browsers' history, at all. Should I? (It seemed it didn't offer to clean browser cache, if I remember correctly.) Yes, and the CCleaner has appeared not responding once too :party:

  • On the window list you can remove tasks you don't want. Hence I'm not sure what CCleaner does for you ...

    I have found that periodically you need to shut down and reboot. You might think you can just sleep it all the time, but rebooting will clean up running processes and free up RAM.

    Android is built on top of (part of) Linux, the kernel is the core of Linux. No idea on "baseband"...?

    Firefox is good sometimes, at others it crashes like some beta version (it crashes on my weather page consistently). Avoid Browser, but unfortunately you can't remove it.

  • I have found that periodically you need to shut down and reboot. You might think you can just sleep it all the time, but rebooting will clean up running processes and free up RAM.

    Actually, I can't "sleep it all the time": from the start I learned that in the "sleep mode", the battery keeps dropping significantly; so I shut down.

    Avoid Browser...

    What's wrong with it?

    Opera Mini seemed a little bit faster, but it misloaded a site, there are a dozen services buttons somewhere in the middle of the page there, but the browser kept only loading one or two of them.
    (Not that it's any urgent trouble - only that it's Opera Mini.)

  • Browser is an old version of Chrome, even at the time they were advising people not to use it since it wasn't receiving security updates. ("At the time" being when I had a tablet that still came with Browser, 3 years ago.)

  • "3 years" sounds about right...

    So, how can I - if I can - check, possibly, what slows the tablet down (most)?
    If not CCleaner, is there a tool that one can use? Would it be an app? Or some more geeky procedure?

  • What apps are installed that run in the background? Mail of course, Opera (checks its news stories even if you don't run it), Play Store (check for updates), etc.

  • Some Gmail, IIRC, and, yes, the PlayStore there is.
    Should I kill the processes and will it do any good?
    What other processes can I kill lightly?

    It didn't do that, or at least it wasn't slow, before I used it with WiFi (let alone installing a bunch of apps - browsers mostly).
    Will I have to uninstall something?
    Do you say preinstalled apps can't be uninstalled?

    I did kill a few processes that seemed to be related to some junk I wouldn't use myself...

    Did it start to persist being active after-well-that activation and now is kinda "unstoppable"?
    I would actually like the tablet to revert somehow to that previous unclogged state, though preferrably without losing those... I mean if I could keep the downloaded browsers - like totally being passive, just sitting there in case I need some some day...

  • Preinstalled apps don't free up memory when deleted.

    If you don't use new Opera, delete it. Opera classic is smaller, and doesn't keep running in the background.

  • It's Opera Mini.
    And I didn't notice any opera processes on there.