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Opera Coast no longer in App Store?

  • I can't find Opera Coast when I search in App Store. Is the app discontinued?

  • There don't seem to be an update in a long while so I guess it's not being developed anymore.

  • Someone from Opera who can shed light on this?

  • They said they would write about it on the blog soon, but not what they'd say.

  • What is Opera Coast?

  • An app for iOS (for Apple ipads and iphones), which obviously I've never gotten to try.

  • In my opinion, it's the best and most innovative web-browser for Iphone!

  • opera coast is a dream XD

    I love it.
    It does have some problems with some site's tho.
    But I have safari to deal with those. I can't delete that so why not XD.
    It is indeed gone from the store but if you already downloaded it you can still download it.

    Further it's just easy to use fast and so on.
    And it does have opera turbo like opera mini so it doesn't use much data.

  • No news about it, and it disappeared from website. Can we consider it discontinued?

  • If anybody is here looking for information about what happened to Opera Coast because Opera didn't post any news about it, here it is: Coast has been discontinued according to some ex-employees/business contacts/friends(?) on Reddit.

    kaysb: Opera removed of most of the developers positions in the Oslo office last year, and with that, killed development of things like Coast.

    gsnedders: AFAIK, most of the people heavily involved in Coast left long before that, and there was some small skeleton team left. But I could be wrong, it's been a long time since I've spoken to anyone who was much around it.

    demonstro: Currently working with one of the designers. They're all out. An Android build was just around the corner, but now it will never happen.

    kaysb That could be. My memory of that period is already a bit foggy 🙂
    I quit my job at Opera 5 days before the rest of my team (Core Services and Operation, or what ever the name was at the end) was told they would shut down the development in Oslo.
    I did have a veeery small part of Coast; I designed, implemented and maintained the server side of Coast Card, the bookmark sharing built into Coast.
    I hope the rest of the company is still doing great, but I must say that it is a bit of an eye opener to see the company from outside. Or, to be more precise, not see the company at all, even as a interested hard core user. After they removed the first-run page informing about the latest changes etc. there is very little that engages users in the product.