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  • I believe they will end the support soon, the same thing that happened with Windows XP.

  • I believe they will end the support soon, the same thing that happened with Windows XP.

    But that does not make it function any less, and it will still work (for me) the day after they drop support as well as it did the day before. #Shrugs#

  • Thought you were using 12.16 ?, from what you said up there ^.

    I was using 12.14 because of some site incompatibilities but now im trying 12.17.
    I just remembered the outlook problem in 12.16 x64 (and apparently now also in 12.17 x64)

  • You people are really naive ...

    With version 12.15 they "accidentally" introduced bug(s) which made Opera Presto have even more site compatibility problems, then with version 12.16 they, again todally "accidentally", deleted a file from x64 version what brought even more site compatibility problems. And now we have v12.17 which doesn't fix any of those issues. Coincidence? Really, really?

  • OMG how could I forget that certificate theft and that they didn't even mention v12.16 on their blog. Huh, of course they care.

  • Coincidence? Really, really?

    Paranoia? Really, really? Uh... these are professional developers. They're not going to purposely scuttle Opera Presto. Opera Presto is already dead and it's only a matter of time before it becomes entirely useless. What they ARE doing is providing security fixes. If you don't like them or (perish the thought) don't trust them... DON'T UPDATE. It's really as simple as that.

  • Just updated (forgotten how long it's been, nine months!)
    All seems OK.

  • Uh... these are professional developers. They're not going to purposely scuttle Opera Presto.

    Purposely or not, they did just that, two times in a row. We are talking here about a single file, a single file (public_domains.dat) which can fix a lot of site compatibility problems. So professional ...

    Opera Presto is already dead and it's only a matter of time before it becomes entirely useless.

    Opera Presto had a word of mouth marketing, Chopera doesn't have, so it's only a matter of time before it becomes dead, too, at least the desktop version.

    Come on people just look at Otter browser changelog
    In only a year it will have most Opera Presto features, and from Chopera we got "Show full url" after almost a year.

  • Opera Blink will have more users now, it is lighter, it has unique features. It provides a better browsing experience.

  • it has unique features

    Are you referring to the absence of the bookmarks manager and site settings, as well as to the meager customization options, even in comparison with Chrome? Well, those "features" are definitely unique to Chropera, although they can hardly attract someone who's not employed by Opera ASA and while Firefox and Chrome are around. So, keep hallucinating.

  • Opera devs removed bookmarks due to a research they made. They discovered that only a minority have used bookmarks. Search in the blog for Opera 15 and read the articles. In the latest version you can enable the bookmarks bar on settings.

  • If stuff is removed based on how many people are using it, why not remove the Opera as a whole? I mean, it's a real minority on the browser market. Makes sense by going by that ideology.

  • April Fool's day:)

  • April Fool's day:)

    In which solar system ?.

  • @awzx
    You said: "Are you referring to the absence [in Opera 20] of the bookmarks manager and site settings, as well as to the meager customization options, even in comparison with Chrome?"

    -- There are lots of bookmark managers extensions in the Chrome and Opera stores. And reasonable ones. Take your pick. Also, there is an abundance of riches in bookmarking in Opera 20, including a speed dial, far better than any other browser has on the internet. Eat your heart out, Firefox, Chrome, or IE. It's like wow, psychedelic, with folders/speed dials within it. If you like a Speed Dial, I think you cannot NOT be drawn to Opera 20.

    As for bookmarking, Opera 20 has, in addition to the awesome speed dial, Personal Bookmark bars, bookmarking extensions, like Tidy Bookmarks or Chrookmarks. There's Stash, too, (which also can fill certain bookmarking needs). So please, none of this lamenting about bookmarks. I'll grant you that customizaiton is not the same as with Opera 12.17, but -- on the positive side -- there is a much greater universe of extensions from which Opera 20 can benefit. If you love extensions, the vast majority of prospective users will very much like Opera 20, which is significantly faster than Opera 12.17. In sum, I find Opera 20 is sleek, minimalist, and a lot of fun to use.

    Let me make clear, though, I am happy about the Opera 12.17 update. I think it's great that Opera provides two different browsers that have different strengths, that appeal to different types of users. While I never used all of Opera 12.17's rich feature set, I did use, and very much enjoy, some, and hope that some day some of the features -- either through extension or otherwise -- will find their way to the new Opera.

  • @lem729

    If you love extensions...
    Which I dont. Extensions are weakspot. Reason why use opera 12 was to NOT to have to use any additional extensions. The way to completely miss their own browsers strong points. Well done. Now they can collect Chrome leftovers...

  • @neoworm

    I said there were two different types of users. And they have in some regards, opposite desires. ("Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.") I have no doubt than one type of user will prefer 12.17. And I think it's great that Opera has two products, and tries -- at least by still having the Presto product available (and with security updates) -- to meet needs of both users.

    For me, I don't want all type of customization in the main browser, because in the end, it slows it down, makes it unwieldy. If the features come through extension, you can chose to use them, or chose not to. That gives everyone a choice. But why do I have to have the browser itself loaded down/and slowed down with features I don't use. Anyway, lol, I did use some of the features in 12.17, and its predecessors, so I'm happy about today's update. It's too bad Opera isn't big and strong enough to produce and really develop (with substantive updates) both products. But this is the real world, not pie-in-the- sky fantasyland, and sometimes that isn't possible.

  • I just tested 12.17.
    It's same defective release as 12.16. Cookies support has broken, rendering bugs... 12.14 is a version of my choice.

    They're security fixes and another indication that the Opera Team care about its user base.

    Too bad they don't care about quality control anymore :(. At least for Opera Presto browser.

    As you know, Opera Presto will only receive security updates. No other bugs will be fixed.

  • It's becoming increasingly tiresome to try and respond respectfully to these Opera bashers. First off we have the childish use of the word Chopera. There is NO browser by such a moniker other than your fevered minds so please... DEAL with the real world and not one of your own making. Secondly, you can hold on to Opera Presto for the foreseeable future now that the Opera team have updated the security so be happy. Go browse to your hearts' content and be happy. Why hang about here looking for every opportunity to make trouble? Or is this what can be expected of the so-called power-users: that they are essentially troublemakers? You like your Opera Presto which comes complete with everything like a Swiss Army knife and without the need for any extensions. Good for you. Be happy, I know I am with Opera 20. I apply only those extensions that I need and that suits me just fine. I enjoy its speed. I enjoy its compatibility. I enjoy the Stash, Speed Dial and Discover features. I enjoy the FACT that development will continue whereas that is not the case with the former browser which is now dead as far as future development is concerned. I enjoy the clean look of the browser. All in all... Opera has done a marvelous job in the past year and I look forward with anticipation to the coming year. The only dismal spot in this is the continued whining and crying from the Presto crowd.

  • Yes, use insecure old software like Opera 12.14.

    Well, if the person knows and accepts the riskies, i don't see a problem.