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Middle mouse button with older version Opera

  • Hi there,

    How much I can do with the middle mouse button with Opera v.11.xx ?

    Mouse Gesture is also apply with middle wheel button. ( Scroll or click )

    Thank you

  • You can use "button3" (which is equal to a middle mouse button) mouse gesture anywhere outside web content.
    For an example (go to Mouse Setup and edit it):

    [Advanced] - [Address dropdown widget]

    button3 = Paste and go

    This gesture sets middle mouse button for "paste and go" function when it's performed over Address Bar.

  • opera:config#UserPrefs|PageBarOpenURLOnMiddleClick to open the pasteboard contents in a new tab (like paste and go, but without the extra step of focusing the address bar).

    Middle-click and then drag for fast scrolling — also useful for viewing very large images.

    Shift + Middle-click opens the Middle-click options dialogue.

  • Thanks to both !!!

    so that in standard_mouse.ini

    I need to add a new column like this:

    [Advanced] - [Address dropdown widget]

    button3 = Paste and go

    Question, can I also add:


    button3 = send queue mail ( or any other general mouse gestures ? )

    Thank you

  • You don't add the Advanced at all. If you are going through the Shortcuts dialog, [Address dropdown widget] is automatically classified under Advanced. If you are editing the file by hand for some reason, do not include the Advanced part at all.