How to copy an "other Speed Dial" to act as THIS Speed Dial?

  • Sooo, I'm moving from my Samsung SM-J500FN to my new Samsung SM-J530F (That is, Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 and 2017).

    On both phonese I have: Opera, version 42.7.2246.114996

    Now... At some point Opera went through a huge overhaul and after that copying Speed Dial from one device to another has seemed impossible. The Opera account does not seem to help at all.

    Only now I realised that the silly grey icon (cloud, circling arrows) in the Speed Dial allows me to access "other Speed Dials". OK, that's cool, it's there, then. (Not in a very intuitive fashion, I might add. To Whom do I complain, anyway?).

    So, it turns out I can apparently copy individual items from one of the "other Speed Dials" to the main Speed Dial of my new phone...

    ... Buuuuut is there a way to copy an ENTIRE "other Speed Dial" into the new phone's main speed dial? Would be much faster.

    I've looked at the Bookmarks folder thing, but if the method exists, it simply doesn't present itself to me. Any help here?

  • Nope? Thought so.

  • In Opera for desktops you can do it but in Opera for Android I have no idea how to do it.

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