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Is there way I can have "2 status bar at bottom " ?

  • Hello ,

    Can I make 2 status bar so that I can add more icon to the 2nd bar of status bar ?


  • Do you use the Main bar? You could turn that on and put it at the bottom.

  • Sorry to ask again ...........

    I have made what you suggested & I can see the main bar at bottom.

    Which file name & location I can modify this main bar ?

    I tried toolbar.ini without seeing anything called [main bar]

    Thank you very much.

  • Thats an excellent suggestion.

    I am going to try create custom icons from toolbar.ini on this main bar,

    Thanks much !



  • Where is that mysterious main bar?
    How can it be moved to the bottom?

  • Edmund is still using Opera 12; it had several more toolbars than current versions. When Opera switched from Presto to Blink, they decided to go for a simplified interface. So while Opera 12 had a main bar, a navigation bar, and a full status bar, the current versions have a navigation bar and pop-up status field.

  • Hi sgunhouse ,

    My other copy of Opera I found today with blue color ., you can notice the previous copy is in White.

    Is it possible & from where I can customize color ground of Main bar ?



  • Possible? Should be, though somewhere in there they started tinkering with the skin engine. You'd need to edit the skin setup file, in the skin itself.

  • Hi ,

    Looking at the Main bar icon of :

    [Browser Toolbar.content]

    Button7, -1706951539=Tile vertically

    What is the command if I also make a new custom icon to " REVERT TABS TILE VERTICALLY " ?

    so that I can reverse all tabs to normal from " TILED "

    Thank you very much.

  • Normal being ...?

    For most people, normal was probably maximized (occupying the full workspace), though personally I used to cascade mine. Presuming you are like most people, you'd use Maximize all.

  • Hello ,

    How I can make the custom button works like :

    Buttonxx, "FLAT" & Set mail view type, 0 > Set mail view type, 1
    This is works on a single button , it circle Flat & thread

    But this one not :

    Buttonxx, "TILT"=Tile vertically > Maximize all
    Buttonxx, "TILT"=Tile vertically | Maximize all

    it just tile vertically , no response to Maximize when press it again......

    Why is that ................ ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hmm ... try in the opposite order, but it just may not work that way. That is, try the Maximize all first, then the Tile vertically.