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Opera installer not downloading or auto-updating anything

  • tried to update my Opera browser but it says and error occurred to I downloaded the Installer
    it didn't download any files, finally I downloaded the program from Opera FTP server.

    but now it won't auto update, I have to check manually if there is a security patch or new version to download which makes Opera useless to me

    the installer tries to connect to ""
    I live in Bahrain could be the government here blocked Opera from auto updating ?

  • Version of Opera and OS?

    I live in Bahrain could be the government here blocked Opera from auto updating ?

    There's always a chance.

    Anti-virus, firewalls and other security programs also may interfere.

  • up to date win10
    opera ver 46.02597.39

    I'm using the stock windows defender

    windows firewall is not blocking anything related to opera

  • I hate Chrome interface and Firefox is turning into ram hogging nightmare
    please help me out

  • So I've just tried to install opera on my other machine connected to the same network and I got it installed using the opera installer.

    So what could prventing opera from installing on my maib machine ?

    But still getting error while checking for updates.

  • It sounds as if both the Opera updater and the installer on your 'main' system are not connecting to their needed Opera URL addresses, but you are still able to manually access Opera's FTP server site address (all of which are different). If you meant in your last post that the Opera installation on your second computer is also unable to access the Opera update site, it strongly implies there is some kind of blocking out ahead of both computers, and such blocking could be either at your ISP or at a regional censorship 'firewall'. On the other hand, if only the main system is experiencing inability to successfully interact with the installer and updater sites, then it implies there may be a file-access permissions issue within that system that is preventing either the necessary downloading or updating of Opera files.

  • the installer trying to access this host


  • the installer trying to access this host
    (ip ...

    According to the DBIP IP lookup site (, the IP is indeed assigned to Opera, apparently as a US-based server or mirror. Does either one of your 2 systems permit the Opera installer to reach the IP?

  • only one successfully installed the browser from the installer but after several minutes.

  • If online installer doesn't work, try the offline one.

  • If online installer doesn't work, try the offline one.

    maybe I wasn't clear enough.

    the problem is not getting Opera installed, I can download it from filehippo or from another website.
    the problem is after I install the Browser it won't connect to the Opera server to auto-update or to download security patches.

    because if this I cannot use Opera safely.