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Opera block streaming video only download mode exist

  • Hello.

    When I want to for example see a movie from my NAS with many applications: Qfile, TC, more others I can't choose an app player ALWAYS opens opera with window to download file. There is no way to avoid this. Only solution is to uninstall opera or disable somehow (freeze with TB) ect.

    I like very much opera don't really like opera mini. But this issue is very annoing. With opera mini everything work fine, only opera make such bugs.

    What I expect? To simply have possibility to choose, only that.

    OS:7.0 NRD90MK on 6.0.1 was the same.

    Phone: Xiaomi MI5S+

    Opera v.: 42.7.2246.114996

    BR EleMaster

  • How those movies are accessed? Is Opera set as default browser?

    1. http
    2. Yes it is.
    1. http
    2. Yes it is.

    So, there is your answer. You need to unset Opera as the default browser and you will be able to select the App to play the videos.

  • Nope, this isn't solution. Even when I make other browser as default the problem exist still. Like I wrote before only to disable Opera helps and give me a possibility to choose.

  • Even when I make other browser as default the problem exist still

    You can't set a default browser, otherwise it will handle http requests and you will not be able to open your videos using the app your want.

    Anyway, it's not an Opera issue but and Android's one so you may need to ask in their forums.

  • Nope.
    Second try: I have not set a default browser. I have install: Opera, Opera mini, chrome, dolphin, firefox, and buldin browser.
    And all other browser work just fine and I can stream video and do what I want. ONLY when I have opera running (not freeze) I have this problem. Then don't tell mi that is a android problem. Why then others browsers hav't the same issue only Opera?

    Even Opera beta give mi a choice.

  • Second try: I have not set a default browser.

    You need to make up yourself. Before you have answered saying that Opera was set as default browser.

    Anyway, what are the steps to reproduce the issue?

  • Ok. I have try it in two ways: as default browser and unset as default. And always when opera is not freeze then it is not to possible to choose other player for http accesed movies.

    Today I have uninstal opera then i have install it again. After that operation is a progress: When opera is not set as default then every thing is ok I can view movies. But when I open every link I must select opera as the browser. It's a half solution.

    When i setting opera as default it is like before.

    IMO still is something wrong with opera becouse opera mini set as default or opera dev works ok.

    Thx for help and interest.