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Cursor Loading Flickering?

  • Im getting the same thing on google maps UK with both HA on and off.

    Just come back to Opera after years. I gave it up because it was so hopelessly buggy. Looks like its still in that awful state.

  • What I find troubling about HA is the fact that someone reports a problem and the experts say turn ON/OFF HA.

    Disabling hardware acceleration is/should be just a workaround and not the final solution.

    I really wish Opera would get their act together on this issue.

    I guess that most probably Chromium would need to do it.

  • I'm almost certain I left HA enabled prior to the latest update.

    Clearly if this is a bug, it's not exclusive to me either, given the other instances brought up in this thread.

    For lack of any recent updates or accessible workarounds, I've gone over to Firefox for time being.

  • I had this too. Enabling HA seems fix it. But this is kind of bad, i have for now super bad gpu, and watching any video stream in high quality is slowing it down hard, just cpu is much faster and i can watch on it without any problem. Could be good to fix it.

  • Same thing for me after the latest update, and as described above, turning hardware acceleration back ON made it go away. Bit wary of what is actually going on in the background though, for this to just start outta nowhere.

  • I am having this issue as well. I have HA turned on. It is especially bad when I try to use Zillow to look for a house or apartment. Normally the house page will load over Google Maps and to show pictures, etc. However, in it's present state, the page will never stop loading, I get a blue circle that keeps spinning. the loading indicator on the tab continues to spin and it basically freezes the browser. It takes numerous clicks to close the tab. None of this happens in Edge or Firefox. Opera has been my browser of choice for the last year of so due to its speed. But this is very annoying. Hopefully, this can get corrected soon.

  • Hardware Acceleration = ON

    • Dropped frames and stuttering on YouTube
    • Randomly can't move the window and switch tabs using a Wacom tablet. (Windows 10 only - Windows 7 and 8.1 are OK)

    Hardware Acceleration = OFF

    • YouTube is OK.
    • Wacom driver is OK.
    • This problem appears - Flickering / Flashing pointer

    So, I either can't use my Wacom tablet, or I'm getting this Flickering / Flashing pointer.

    Currently I'm testing Vivaldi. But it doesn't have portable version by default (which I really need), and turning Hardware Acceleration OFF is only via command line when starting.

  • In my case it appears to be any extension related to blocking ads. After disabling all of them, there is no more flickering of the mouse pointer / cursor.

    Tested the following:

    • AdBlock
    • AdBlocker Ultimate
    • Adguard AdBlocker
    • Ghostery
  • This is not adblocking issue... Disabling AdBlock didn't change anything...

  • Hi opera-or-vivaldi,

    I don't think it has much to do with adblocking. The only extension I had blocking stuff was uMatrix and even after I removed it the cursor still flickered. Google Maps is downright unsuable. I have no extensions enabled right now and the flickering is still occuring.

  • This is major bug... look at the number of threads about this issue...

  • Same issue for me also opera is so slow.

  • This sucks! any page with google maps is unuseable! please fix fast!

  • Same here and actually thought my computer was broken - it was literally that bad. Constant cursor loading/flashing on and off on every site, to the point that it makes them unusable. If Opera is running and any tab is open it affects the entire machine, for example if you're using another program but have Opera minimised and tabs open. This is a very serious issue - though I'm somewhat reassured seeing all the comments here and thus realising it's an Opera specific fault.

    Enabled Hardware Acceleration as per the advice in this thread and the problem seems resolved for now. An instant fix. Please however do sort this out in the next update. It's basically making the browser unusable.

  • Also worth noting that enabling Hardware Acceleration has speeded Opera up significantly. Bookmarks and tabs used to lag before, and now everything is moving lightning fast - I'd recommend switching it on if you're yet to do so.

  • Enabling HW acceleration makes my video card sweat like a pig

  • Has anyone tried the latest Beta version to see if this issue gets corrected? I would try if I could be sure I would lose my stuff and could revert back to the release version should any issues pop up.

  • same here, maps like google map, openstreetmap, etc are completly unuseable (cursor flickering, very slow reacting, etc)
    in this case with hardware accelaration OFF (because on a laptop it should safe some battery power is off, shouldnt it?)

  • operausver
    Well, that was the case, but now even without any extension it flickers even more than before.

    In regards to the video card - mine is in the top 20 on and still I'm getting many frames dropped and stuttering on YouTube, when Hardware Acceleration is enabled. Everything seems to perform better when Hardware Acceleration is disabled, except this flickering now.

    Install it as portable, if possible.

  • I think this post
    is the same issue

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