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VPN has not worked since April 2017, what's going on?

  • Opera VPN has not worked since April 2017, it is now July 2017. I have tried everything, disable extension, disable antivirus, create new profile, remove and reinstall latest stable version of Opera, did a fresh install of windows 10. Nothing has made any difference. Opera works fine for everything until I want to use VPN. When I click the grey VPN icon on the address bar the VPN control window pops up. If I click the toggle switch to on the VPN icon changes to orange and says "connecting", it will stay that way indefinitely and never connect. In the VPN window there is a "Virtual Location" drop down at the bottom which previously had several options including "Optimal Location", "USA", "Germany", "Netherlands", Singapore", etc. Since May the only option is "Optimal Location". As long as the VPN icon is orange I can do nothing, ie no access to any websites. When I turn VPN back off Opera works just fine.
    I'm located in Canada.
    Windows 10 Version 1607 X64
    Opera Version 46.0.2597.32 and all previous versions since April 2017.
    I have tried to contact Opera with no response.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Do you use any anti-virus? If so, did you try to disable it or add Opera as an exception?

    Also, do you use any proxy to connect to the internet?

  • PS
    No I do not use a proxy.

  • Finally got this thing figured out. Go to
    and enter exceptions in AVG as specified. Be sure to put exceptions in "Online Shield" not in "Resident Shield" or it will not work. with the exceptions in "Online Shield" the VPN is now working fine.


  • As specified above I tried disabling anti-virus completely and it still did not work. I use AVG which has updated since last time I tried. I have now gone back and tried adding exceptions in AVG Resident Shield as per
    adding and as exceptions. This only works after a reboot, once rebooted VPN works fine for one execution. ie the first time I open Opera I can turn on VPN and it works fine. As soon as I close Opera and reopen VPN does not work anymore. If I reboot it will work again one time. I tried entering different versions of the URL as suggested ie* and* also tried adding the appropriate country designation for the virtual location being used. ie .us for United States or .de for Germany etc. This again worked for one execution only, after reboot. I also discovered that by turning off AVG Resident Shield permanently or by turning off AVG completely VPN now works continuously. Obviously however this is not an option. It does prove though that the problem is obviously with AVG and not with Opera. I will try and work with AVG to resolve this. Will post again if I find a cure.

  • I never had any issue with the VPN, but I don't have an anti-virus at all since I am on Ubuntu.

    You are correct, most connection problems with the VPN are coming from firewalls and antivirus on Windows.

    You could try to uninstall AVG and try with a different antivirus, this way you will be 100% sure what to tell to AVG.