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  • Am I hallucinating, or did Opera used to have a Menu Bar at the top (File Edit View...)? I looked online and the help files I have seen said it was under the big red O between Help and Exit. I'm guessing those are old files because that is About Opera. I noticed it was not there after auto updating to stable version 46. Now I can't remember if it was there, or if I am thinking of my Mac, which does have the Menu Bar, even on version 46. I went so far as to uninstall 46 and install older versions, one by one, back to version 24. Still no option anywhere I can find. If it is not part of the Windows version, I will stick with Mac Opera, because it is that useful to me. If it is there, PLEASE tell me how to enable it. Is it in the Linux version?

    Also, installing and uninstalling apparently sort of hosed my prefs. When I go to Settings, I don't think I see all of the Basic options, and none of the Advanced. They are set, and looking at the prefs file showes Advanced=True. If I go to Opera://config it shows everything. So, basically, it works, but not exactly correctly. I don't want to reinstall since it is usable and I don't want to have to set everything again. Is this a reasonably easy fix? I do have other computers running 46 that I could copy files from.

  • Opera 12 and earlier had a menu bar (in the later versions optional), but after they switched from their own engine (Presto) to being based on Chromium they never re-implemented it (except on the Mac where it is required by the OS).

    I'm not certain which options you might be missing, so I can't offer advice there.

  • Thanks for the info. I had not really been using Opera much on Windows, so I guess I remembered OSX. At least I know the Menu Bar will stay on the Mac!

    I took screen shots of using Settings vs //config, but I can't paste or attach pictures (Unless I go back to the old Base 64 days).

    Websites shows Display with 2 drop drowns, and the heades Camera and Microphone with nothing under them.

    Privacy is the worst. Under Settings, it shows the check box for Block ads, and Clear browsing data, and that is it. Config shows everything.

    It seems to me that Settings vs Config goes to two different places to get information, and one of them is corrupt. I deleted the Prefs file and set up Opera again, but no change.

  • If you upload your pictures to some hosting site then you can either link or include them in your post.

    Some people have some sort of a font issue with Settings. Only similar thing I'm aware of.

  • No minibar :drunk: