Opera/ Beta/Developer dont connect to VPN

  • Hi guys.
    Im having a little problem with opera.
    Im using windows 7, i have cabble access to internet, and when downloading and instaling ANY opera version, i cant connect to vpn. Vpn favicon is yellow(orange) and its saying "connecting" but it won't..Menu with location change dont show anything...And here is a good one...Any opera version and vpn is working great on my laptop with WIN 10...
    please help:)

  • If you are using an anti-virus or similar software, try disabling it or add Opera as an exception.

    You can also try with a clean profile folder.

  • Well only AV i have is windows defender, adguard is off, and i was a new user to opera so i dont have anything to clean...As i said...i use windows defender on 7 and 10, and as i write above on 7 it wont connect or show me list of location to choose..on 10 everything is fine

    this is my problem https://images81.fotosik.pl/665/e68de13dcfbbad0c.png

  • cheak if you are connecting to any proxy server . if there are . remove it

    or your access to internet by Cable is very slow .

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