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"Other Search Engines" not saved in the cloud

  • I create a lot of custom search engines, and they work great on my computer, but when I go to another computer and sync up - those search engines are not there. Is this somehow missing from the cloud sync?

  • Custom search engines were never synced.

  • But they should be. If you use fancy custom search engines, what's the chance you'd want them anywhere you go? I'd say very high chance. I can't understand why Opera keeps adding all sorts of gimmicks but can't be bothered to do essential stuff properly.

  • Too cold in Norway... :rolleyes:

    Try with a sync service and upload your needed files (OMenu > Help >> Find Solutions).

    PS: You can try with Symbolic Links too.
    (Back up and test before proceed.)

  • But they should be

    Agree and it has been requested in Suggestions Box.

  • Too cold in Norway..

    Norway? 馃檪

  • Too cold in Norway..

    Norway? 馃檪

    Was about the complain. 馃槈

    BTW, would be a nice holidays place. 馃惂

  • Was about the complain

    I got it but why Norway? Why not Poland? 馃檪

  • Are they moved to Poland? :eek:

    Didn't know!
    I realized about the polish blog but never know about any place change.

    They're headquarters are still in Norway but they are working in Poland?

  • "Their headquarters" instead of They're headquarters. :rolleyes:

  • Are they moved to Poland?

    It has been years that Opera - at least the versions for desktops - are mainly developed in Poland and also in France and some other places.

    They're headquarters are still in Norway but they are working in Poland?

    Opera has development offices outside Norway since a long time, the first ones being in Sweden if I remember correctly.

  • :eek:

    I knew about other offices around the world but not about they moved the development mostly to other places...
    I think I saw the Polish blog in the latest 2 years +/-, but I thought it was an expansion, not a move.

    ...Poland is not as cold as Norway... :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the clarification. 馃檪

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