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  • Greetings everybody.

    • Last week Opera updated itself - WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME PREVIOUSLY! - and ever since then when I try to load my "speed dial" page it keeps crashing after 30-60 seconds.

    • It just loads the first maybe 40 saved pages then it freezes and then after a while it crashes with the "out of memory" error message. (Even tho in my PC I have 32 Gb memory and it is certainly not using it all!)

    • Indeed I have a LOT of sites stored on my Speed Dial "page" - somewhere around 90++ folders.

    • The previous Opera version also was a bit slow when it was trying to load Speed Dial but it could do it nevertheless. The new Opera crashes in the process and fails to open the Speed Dial folders.

    • I have tried to turn on hardware acceleration and also set it to "maximum 3 Columns for slower computer" (Even tho my PC is NOT slow otherwise!)

    • I tried to get the previous Opera version but unfortunately it keeps re-installing this bugged new version.... :S

    • I would hate it if I'd have to sacrifice my Speed Dial Bookmarks cause those are folders I have gathered in the last 2,5 years.

    • I also tried to edit my "bookmarks" (Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak) files but those files are really stupidly written and it is not obvious what site and what folder is what. As an example:

                  "name": "Google",
                  "type": "url",
                  "url": ""
               }, {
                  "date_added": "13076608670962049",
                  "id": "1014",
                  "meta_info": {
                     "custom_keywords": "[\"video\",\"sharing\",\"camera phone\",\"video phone\",\"free\",\"upload\"]",
                     "guid": "CAFEC238-B329-458A-B84D-74F9F6CCF4E8",
                     "imageData": "",
                     "imageDataType": "2",
                     "imageID": "45D0AA34B9346B9C1CD482F465D18E25EF796A0CE412B7CA7C86B0C2ACC9CBEE",
                     "imageType": "2",
                     "last_visited_desktop": "13138014941749202",
                     "partner_id": "youtube",
                     "partner_image_download_url": "",
                     "partner_url": "",
                     "redirect": "1"
                  "name": "YouTube",
                  "type": "url",
                  "url": ""
               }, {
                  "date_added": "13076608670987656",
                  "id": "1093",
                  "meta_info": {
                     "custom_keywords": "[]",
                     "guid": "97330352-82D7-42FC-99DB-BD0EB936C975",
                     "imageDataType": "2",
                     "imageID": "0497B2FE7603570463B9AF1115C198639A85712D8B6D232FFD97169D3B9E1496",
                     "imageType": "2",
                     "partner_id": "",
                     "partner_url": "",
                     "redirect": "0"

    Full of illogical stuff that are maybe helpful for an IT-specialist but for the average user it is completely useless......

    • It it somehow possible to start the Speed Dial page in a "reduced mode"? So that instead of it trying to load all those useless thumbnails it simply loads folders without trying to load the websites in the folder?
    • How could I find a specific folder in the "Bookmarks" file?
    • Is the "Bookmarks" or the "Bookmarks.bak" file the main Bookmark file?
  • Is it somehow possible to "extract" the folders from the Bookmarks file to be real folders with the links?

    • It would be a whole lot better if instead of one "folder" file we'd have a "main Bookmark Folder" containing all the links saved - that way a non-IT-Specialist user could also manage those bookmarks with ease.
  • One issue per topic please.