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Rollback to previous version - where are old versions

  • where do I find the Opera installation folder and what is and where is the "latest build number" ?

    On Windows 10 it's on Program Files or Program Files (x86). Look for a folder called Opera or Opera Stable and open it to find the folder named with the number of the latest build.

    Also , do I rename the folder operaautoupdate.exe or operaautoupdate.exe. as it says in the FAQ ? Note the extra period after the exe .

    The period was to end the sentence, you will never find one after a file extension. Anyway I removed it from the FAQ text to avoid confusion.

  • Well , sorry to say it but this really SUCKS .

    I was perfectly content with my previous version of Opera . Worked fine for me . This new version , 45 stinks to high heaven . I keep on installing my older version , which I was very happy with , only to have it automatically replaced by this new , completely unstable piece of junk . It would be nice if I could get a clear , easy to understand , simple answer as how to stop this piece of junk software from automatically installing itself on my pc . I tried to follow the instructions given but nothing works for me . I'm opening up all kinds of folders and doing who knows what kind of damage to my computer because Opera couldn't stick with a perfectly fine browser and had to screw it all up with something that works like garbage . The tech support here should also be understandable for people with a more limited knowledge of software and should be communicated in a language that everyone can understand . I don't know how to find the folder in question or what the hell a build number is .

  • I don't know how to find the folder in question or what the hell a build number is

    Menu > About Opera. There you will find the path to the installation folder. And also the build number so you can go to the correct folder and rename opera_autoupdate.exe

  • I did EXACTLY what you said and it still updates to version 45 .

    Also , why did you have to close the other thread on youtube videos so quickly ? I would have liked to ask popinjay a few questions about how he solved his problem . I am having the exact same problem with video playback but not only on youtube. Video will not playback properly for me on ANY website . The audio is always out of sync with the video . If I can't go back to a previous version , I would like to try what popinjay did , but I needed to ask him how to save my bookmarks before deleting Opera from my system . Unfortunately , I cant do that because you immediately closed that thread.

    I have wasted hours on this already and done I don't know what to my computer . All because video will not playback on Opera 45 using Windows 7 and not being able to get a solution on this forum .

  • I did EXACTLY what you said and it still updates to version 45

    Try this:

    • Remove the current Opera installation
    • Download the offline installer
    • Go offline
    • Run the installer
    • Rename opera_autoupdate.exe
    • Go online

    If it doesn't work then maybe they have changed something and the trick is no longer valid.

  • Popinjay01 has followed the FAQ.

  • leocg . If I uninstall Opera , won't I lose all my bookmarks ?

  • OK, here's how I did it:

    Get the extension called 'V7 Bookmarks' and add it to Opera. That'll let you export your bookmarks as a HTML file. Export it to your Downloads folder or somewhere.

    Click on this link:

    Download the lower option (not the one which says 'Auto Update.Exe')

    If you have Crapcleaner, run that and clear all cookies and stuff. Then use the uninstall option and uninstall Opera completely. Once that's done, run a couple of registry scans to remove any traces of Opera.

    Go into your C drive (or hard drive) and look inside the Programs folder and the Program Data folder and manually delete anything which says Opera. Go into the 'Users' folder and look inside all the sub folders. Again, remove anything which says Opera.

    Then restart your machine.

    Once you've restarted, install the version of Opera which you downloaded from the link above.


    Go into your C Drive (or hard drive) and go into the folder called 'Program Files (x86)' Inside there, you'll find the Opera folder. Go into that and you'll see two folders near the top. One is called '40.0.2308.90' and the other is called '45.0.2552.888'.

    Go into this latter folder and you'll see a program called 'opera_autoupdate'. Right Click on it and rename it to 'opera_autoupdate.old'. This disables the auto update feature so that you won't automatically get any newer versions than '40.0.2308.90'.

    That's you finished with all the folders, renaming stuff and so on, so close them and start Opera. The first thing to do is go to Extensions and install the 'V7 Bookmarks' again. Once that's done, open it and you can import all your favourites which you exported at the beginning.

    When you check your Opera version, it will say Opera 45, but it's not. It's Version 40. It will also say 'Version: 45.0.2552.888 (PGO) - An error occurred while checking for updates.'. That's OK since you don't want it to update anyway.

    This whole post will probably have taken you about 10 minutes to read but the steps I've described will in reality, take you no more than 5 minutes.

    Test it with YouTube and you'll find that they play flawlessly now and everything will be smelling of roses!

  • If I uninstall Opera , won't I lose all my bookmarks ?

    Only if you choose to do it by checking the option to delete your personal data.

    Anyway, you can always do a backup.

  • All right . Thank You for your help popinjay & leocg .

    Sorry about SHOUTING yesterday .