Stopping extensions updating

  • What do you mean? I only see them once. If I post, the first time I click the button, nothing happens, so I click it again.

  • You have to wait, if a problem appears, (for example, no internet connection) then refresh and post "again".

    You don't see them?
    I've seen your posts duplicated here and in other threads, even a triplicated one this week.

  • Even so, you could try searching for update Url (if exist) in the Manifest file (I suppose).

    I think you have an idea there. I found manifest.json for the extension in the profile and removed the update line. Hopefully, that will stop it from updating. Thanks for the idea.

  • If the URL points to then not but if points to any other URL you may try adding it to Hosts file (in case you are not using the VPN, so the trick will not work).

    As read in other tread:

    If you export with favicons (despite you don't want them), having your Favorites file blocked then should not bother you.

  • V7 Bookmarks just updated, so I guess that idea did not work.

  • Blocking Opera's auto update may block extensions auto update too.

  • Blocking Opera's auto update may block extensions auto update too.

    Good to know it.

  • @concretable
    yea. version 4.2 (from today) fixed export without favicons
    anyway, you don't have any reason for blocking it now, right?

  • Stopping V7 update does not matter now. I did block Opera's own auto-update using the Mac Terminal, but that did not stop V7 Bookmarks from updating. If an update to an extension screws up something again, I shall be after a way to stop the update again, however. Since removing the update line in the manifest has no effect, what does?

  • @concretable
    maybe to develop your own extensions?
    that would solve your problems

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