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Opera 20 - Another unhappy loyal supporter

  • Why did the way tabbing worked, and the closed tab garbage bin had to go? I tried it over the easter, and its not faster either. Its a tiny tad more stable with render Flash, and thats the only difference I could spot.

  • @deld1ablo

    It can sometimes be hard to make a subjective personal evaluation. Perhaps in your computer system/setup there is not much difference. It's generally viewed by outside testing entities that the Opera browser is significantly faster with the Bink engine. PC Magazine has Opera winning 3 of 6 speed tests against the big competition -- Chrome, Firefox, IE.

    As for the garbage bin, I liked it. I think they should bring it back. 🙂 It's just an icon. If you go to the Menu, "recently closed" is there, so the Opera browser is doing the calculation, giving us the chance to restore what has been recently closed.. I don't see what the big deal would be with giving us a fun icon is. The same with the wand. I mean, the browser is saving passwords. So give us the wand. I mean, maybe for the moment the developers have bigger fish to fry. But down the road, it would be nice if they gave us that.

    On the garbage bin, if you get the Browse ++ extension in the Opera store it has a waste basket for closed tabs, as well as a notes function.

  • How do I put it? Sure CHOpera is faster, if you benchmark it. By the same mark, its not actually faster since you are bottlenecked by pageloading anyhow. I think the way it handles image loading was improved a little, but I never tested it on some of the stuff Presto did badly.
    Yeah, its a shame the fun little icons are gone. They where sorta neat.

  • Well, the speed dial (with the folders) is superb . . . In my view. LOL. Just think of ways you can make use of it. It's something beyond what was ever in Presto. If you don't like speed dials, well, then I can see where you might be more unhappy. If you like them, give this one a chance. Because it's original, unique, and can do a helluva lot.

  • Interesting to see the comments are about the same as 6 months ago. The simple fact is "old" Opera was well designed for mouse and keyboard operation. And one can love the new speed dial but it was easier to access sites via cascading text entries (bookmarks). Of course, if you are using a touch interface switching to the "new" Opera may be a good idea. Won't work for me.

    Last autumn it was stated that far more downloads were taking place with the blink version than had been the case with the presto version. Didn't think much about it at the time, but of course there were more; every version 12 user was downloading the new version, testing it deleting it, and doing it again when an updated version came out.

    As I said in October, I don't care much about the rendering engine. I care about the interface and the configuration and security tools. The new Opera is lackluster at best in these areas. When I get a touchpad to tote about I'll use the new Opera, if for no other reason than I don't trust anything Google. But not until then.


  • It's not really a question of Speed Dial versus cascading text entries (bookmarks). The Speed Dial, while it can bookmark, has a totally different feel to it. It's immediate. It's for items that are the most important for you. There are all sorts of organization possibilities with it. One can put live, changing things in it for the display. There are art aspects. It can be really beautiful. Opera has done a great job with the wallpaper possibilities (online, use your own, etc.). No way do I find the speed dial a replacement for bookmarks (I use the personal bookmarks bar, Stash, and the Chrookmarks extension also). It is an enhancement! And this is not JUST a speed dial. It is the Mount Everest. It is unique. There is none with the capacity the Opera has -- not Firefox, not IE, not Chrome. So I would say, make use of it. And if people like speed dials, they owe it to themselves to play with the possibilities in this one that is, in my view, wonderful. Now you said, davebowden, the comments are about the same as 6 months ago." 🙂 Well, you know what they say: there is nothing new under the sun. But I can plead innocence to that. I was not coming to the forum then. I didn't get back into enjoying Opera blink until Opera 19/20 when, when for me, the bookmarking issue was solved. So perhaps all I'm guilty of is not having an original thought.:)

    On security tools, the availability of extensions can help quite a bit. Like Do Not Track Me, Ghostery, Zen Mate, Last Pass, Disconnect, Disconnect Search, etc. But everyman's "lackluster" differs. For me, Opera 20 sparkles with what it is, and the promise of more and better (because yes, the feature set could benefit from a bit more) in the future.

  • I like speed dial, but speed dial with folders is just slow dial. Sessions were better.

  • I like speed dial, but speed dial with folders is just slow dial. Sessions were better.

    I disabled SD animation almost immediately after I installed O15. Not that my PC is slow (Core2Duo 3GHz), the animation's just a bit distracting. As for storing sessions as SD folders, I think it's a terrible idea. It leads to much rubbish where a perfect order should be.

  • I just google'd "opera browser forum" just to whine a bit how my opera has become unusable lately (sites like youtube and facebook freezes up on regular basis only to find out that a few people have done it already.

    And I found out about Opera 20.0 😃 as you can tell i don't follow up on Opera related news all that often 🙂

    Just installed it (in like 1 minute). excited to see what is up. seems pretty damn fast that is for sure 🙂

    Good day

  • @randyfletcher86 Be prepared to be disappointed. Opera 20 is a mere shadow of old Opera.

  • I just google'd "opera browser forum" just to whine a bit how my opera has become unusable lately (sites like youtube and facebook freezes up on regular basis only to find out that a few people have done it already.
    And I found out about Opera 20.0 😃 as you can tell i don't follow up on Opera related news all that often 🙂
    Just installed it (in like 1 minute). excited to see what is up. seems pretty damn fast that is for sure 🙂
    Good day

    It's very fast AND it's universally compatible. It's has some very unique features which you can check out here:

  • @pesala like speed dial, but speed dial with folders is just slow dial. Sessions were better.

    It's personal preference I guess. For me, with folders in the Speed Dial, I have the world at my fingertips. It's aethetically wonderful. If I'm in one folder, it's a speed dial within itself. If I move to another it's the same thing. The experience is super! I move from Speed Dial to Speed Dial to Speed Dial to Speed Dial. . . Now once you say you don't like that -- and this IS a premier advance of Opera 20 over Opera 12.17 (it's a light speed multiplicative advance), then I can understand why you prefer the earlier version. You have clealy lost things, and really don't appreciate/value (and I understand: this is a question of personal style and preference) what you got in return. The compensatory speed increase is a bit amorphous (if you have a fast computer) (what you got in speed with Opera 11-12 was enough), greater accessibility of sites may be the same to you if you are able to access the sites you like. But the Speed dial? Why it's like the Cyclone rollar coaster in Brooklyn. Its wheels within wheels within wheels. It's the big enchilada, pesala 😉 the real deal! It's no wonder that even Opera 17 (before there was even a personal bookmarks bar option) won the UK Macworld Editors Choice Award over the Apple browser of choice Safari. Opera over Safara in a Mac competition. Unheard of!

    For people who appreciate a super Speed Dial, light years beyond the competition, the jump to Opera 20 is self-evidently a huge plus, I would suggest, and worth the cost. It may not be for everyone, but it is unique, and I think, wonderful. If more people understood what Opera was offering (I don't think they -- the company-- have the funding to advertise that well) (and this is a free product, so the return, even to them, is ilmited) many many more people would be trying out Opera.

  • @randyfletcher86 Be prepared to be disappointed. Opera 20 is a mere shadow of old Opera.

    Maybe you could let him figure out by himself if its a disappointment. I, for one, am very happy with the new Opera.

  • @berng: +1

  • Its wheels within wheels within wheels.

    No. It's just wheels within wheels, or two clicks where one will do.

    So I have 30 speed dials with four in one folder, and four in another, instead of 36 speed dials. That is not an improvement at all.

    Someone else might have 30 speed dial folders with five in each folder instead of 150 small speed dials across three or four pages. Its still slow dial. This discussion was had before when people requested Speed Dial pages like some other browser, but its the same basic problem. Speed Dial gets slow once you have more than a certain number of slots, the same as bookmark folders get slow once you have too many bookmarks in one folder.

    If someone want 100 + speed dials, they should be using bookmark folders instead — these also offer the choice of opening all bookmarks within a folder at once. KISS

    Sessions, on the other hand (I wasn't talking about sessions in Speed Dial), store much more than just a set of tabs. They store the zoom level and scroll position in each, and which tab was active. They can also store tiled tabs. All this was lost with speed dial folders. It is a backward step, but you think it is a new feature.

  • Now, yes, you could do the same with bookmarks (as for the speed dial), but for important links it's not the same to me. I think of Marshall McCluhan, for those of us getting older, i.e., codgers: the medium is the message. The speed dial feels like a different medium. It's more immediate, visually pleasurable, easy to reach with the mouse. Awesome is in the eye of the beholder. And I do think that it is that. Definitely. It's pulled me back to desktop Opera, where before I was spending most of my browsing on tablets. It makes using desktop Opera for me a pleasure. And then I work a bit on giving the Speed Dial the super-perfect wallpaper background (some of it I hunt for on the internet). The Opera speed dial is head and shoulders above any other browser. Truly, it is not close for me!! If you don't like it or get it, I can see, @pesala, what your problem is with Opera 20. 🙂 I mean, you don't like that super feature, so what are you left with -- "darkness, decay and the red death" 🙂 or, let's say, ashes. Only being light there, Pesala. Or trying.

    You might want to rethink how you would use the Speed Dial feature to make it enjoyable to you (obviously Opera 11 is you primary browser, but you play with both, 11 and Opera Next. I think one problem -- that led many astray -- is that Opera was originally touting the Speed Dial feature as the be all and end all of bookmarks (there would be no need for a bookmarks bookmarks bar: the Speed Dial and Stash were all you got). I would not at all like it for that -- a replacement for the bookmarks bar. I don't want 100 + speed dials. What a disgusting thought. For me, that would destroy the feature. I use bookmarks for the bulk of what I save. (You have 30 speed dials: I have 12, and the rest of the content for the moment is individual items -- 8 of them). I use speed dials inside the big speed dial, or individual items in the dial for what's important or special for me. I use bookmarks to duplicate some of that (if my mouse is near the bookmark toolbar, sometimes, I can hit the bookmark quicker than returning to the Speed Dial Page), but also the bookmarks bar is for the huge mass of little stuff, that I might like to go back to some day. No way would I want that type of trivia on the Speed Dial. I want the Speed Dial page to look great and be enjoyable.

    Now I have an RSS feed, and Stumble Upon in one part of the speed dial, and I really like how Stumble Upon is changing from moment to moment. (Aside: I think the Opera extension store needs more live content). I have a speed dial folder for radio stations -- Pandora, Stumble Upon, Tunein, and a lot more. Another Speed dial folder is for video content. I use these a lot, so they are perfect in the dial. In a lot of my dials, I have 9 or 10 items. Part of the pleasure comes from how well you organize it. And how well the folders you select for the Speed Dial items are vital interests of yours.

    I hear what you say on Sessions about storing the zoom level, but it's no big deal. It's so easy to adjust zoom in Opera. I use the 0 and the 9, and can do it almost instantly. Most sites I don't have to play with. A few I do. I think saving the zoom level per site is overkill. The same with storing the scroll position and active tab. Fine if it's simple to do and there's no cost. But nothing comes without a cost. On opening all bookmarks in a folder at the same time. Horrors. I wouldn't want to do it (it's not needed in the speed dial), and we can do it with the personal bookmarks bar. Just right click on the folder and click "open all." The feature is there.

  • @randyfletcher86 Be prepared to be disappointed. Opera 20 is a mere shadow of old Opera.

    [English only in here please]

  • You know what I don't get? Admins closing posts like these. The end-users of your product are giving you feedback: that's a very valuable thing. And no, even a thread like "New opera sucks, you all suck" or some such isn't "trolling" it's feedback. Shutting that feedback down just 'cause it disagrees with the decision your company made is like putting a blindfold on.

    Also, to all those "get used to the new browser" responses I've seen on the forum: that's not how things work. If a product is found to be sub-par, the majority of people aren't going to "get used to it", they'll just go with Chrome, Firefox, or whatever other product they find that better suits their needs. If every reason you used a particular browser is gone, why would you stay with it? Just for the name? Personally, I've almost switched to Chrome (was able to find most plugins to replicate the old Opera experience there). The only reason I've stayed w/ Opera 12.x for now is the bookmarks side bar. (speaking of, does anyone know a good similar bookmarks side bar plugin for Chrome? I haven't been able to find one, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I'd love to switch to a newer browser for good.)

    For people who don't know yet: there's a project going on that will attempt to replicate loved and lost features of Opera 12 in a new browser. Google "Otter browser". It's still under heavy development, though. But definitely something to watch out for in the future.

  • It's still under heavy development, though. But definitely something to watch out for in the future.

    If by "heavy development" you mean that the solitary developer is burning the midnight oil to get this browser stable and out the door, I have to correct you on that. It takes a team, money and a great deal of time to develop a browser and by the time this one is ready for prime time, other alternative browsers will have moved on and be far beyond it.

  • @the_creature Half those users complaining about Blink Opera argue it's too Chrome-like. The other half claim they're at the brink of migrating to Chrome because they don't like Blink Opera, though it shares Chrome's DNA. You claim you've almost switched to Chrome because you're able to find plug-ins to replicate the "old Opera experience" - yet most Chrome plug-ins work in Blink Opera. If there's logic anywhere in all that, I've yet to detect it...

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