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  • Hi,
    Very often I am facing an issue with Opera (I have newest build, however this issue appeared few updates ago). Today four times Opera had unexpectedly closed. The browser window just disappears, without any error/popup window. Is it possible to track what causes this behaviour ? In the office we have DELL PCs, all with same or similar configurations, very limited scope of installed software. Few colleagues also uses Opera, however only I am facing the issue.

    Thank for help in solving this issue.

  • Did you tried with a clean profile folder as instructed?

  • Yes,

    It is difficult to observe, because one day I have no unexpected closes, another day it occurs 3-5 times. I tried with new profile folder for about one hour, however tried to open many different sites and no failures occured.

    So, do you suggest to use new profile and import all settings from the old one ?

  • So, do you suggest to use new profile and import all settings from the old one ?

    Nope, because the cause can be a broken profile. If you can't just start from the ground, copy one 'main'file (passowrds, bookmarks, etc) at a time and check if it's not the cause of the issue.

  • Ok, I will try to go this way.


  • Take a look here to know what to save.

  • Today I have deleted "opera stable" folder from profiles folder to make clean profile. I didn't install any add-ons or import settings. Opera still unexpectedly closes, unfortunately..

  • Download and install Opera Portable/USB and check if the problem happens.

  • There are several threads on this forum of people reporting crashes with the latest Opera released which seem related to Opera Sync. Disabling Opera Sync on the affected installations solves the problem. Creating a new profile doesn´t.