• As I was looking through an article on 25 Reasons Why Opera 15 Is A Downgrade From Opera 12, I had this awesome idea. Originally, it would've just been for fun, but I can actually see this as a way to let the devs know we prefer the awesome indy-styled Opera 12, the one browser in a sea of browsers that said "**** these browsers. We'll make our own so awesome, we can go up to any of them and say 'Cool add-on. Watch as I do the exact same thing with my Settings menu.' That'll teach them to make low-level browsers!"

    Anyways, my idea is this: A parody of Tubthumping by Chumbawamba (In case there are teenagers like me in here, Chumbawamba is an English 80s band that broke up without a "whimper, a bang, or a reunion" in July 2012. Their most famous work is, well, Tubthumping.) called Tabstacking, in which we sing about the wonders of Opera 12.


  • kind of the wrong forum though, but for now I'll leave it. (Trying to decide if Opera for Windows or else the Lounge would be better.)

  • Eh, I'd say the lounge.

  • Done.

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