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Status bar icons " shakling left & right " when mouse over

  • Hello ,

    Please if anyone can tell me why mouseover status bar , all icons are shaking left & right ?

    My mouse pointer need to " catch & hit right " to the desire icon during it is shaking left & right.

    Thank you very much.


  • Do the buttons in the skin include different .hover versions?

  • Wow..... first time knowing about this ...

    There are many .hover with-in the skin.ini , which one I should look into ?
    and if I am to make the status bar taller a bit , is it to modify in this skin.ini ?

    The "END" button from the picture is only 1 button and the screen capture just catupred it when it shakes so you see them seems like 2 ' END ' buttons ., also you can see all buttons are not inthe same position betweeen the 2 pictures as because they are moving left & right a bit like shaking.

    [Statusbar Skin] Fallback version = 3
    [Statusbar Transparent Skin] Fallback version = 3
    [Statusbar] Type
    [Statusbar Transparent] ClearBackground = 1
    [Status Skin] Padding Top = 2
    [Statusbar Tail Skin] Clone
    [Status Content Skin] Fallback version
    [Statusbar Head Skin] Padding Top
    [Statusbar Button Skin] Clone
    [Statusbar Button Skin.hover] Type
    [Statusbar Button Skin.pressed] Clone
    [Statusbar Button Skin.attention] Padding Top
    [Statusbar Button] Clone
    [Statusbar Button] Clone
    [Statusbar Button] Clone
    [Gradient Toolbar Base Skin] Fallback version


  • If a button is going to look different when the cursor is over it, you identify this in the skin with a .hover identifier (though if the .hover version just says "Clone" that means it is a copy of the standard version). Probably they'd do something simple like bolder text on hover - and an outline or background color perhaps. Either the outline or font change can result in small (just a couple of pixels) changes in the buttons, but you seem to have more going on than that.

  • Ah, I get it now ... that second "End button" (or more properly, the one on the left) isn't a button at all - it is the status field identifying what the mouse is over. The status field is variable width and usually takes up all excess space in the center of the bar, but you have so many other icons there that it doesn't get enough space. When it has something to display it pushes your buttons right to make room for the text to fit. As you are apparently not using the status field anyway, just remove it. (That is, right-click on the center part of the status bar and choose Customize > Appearence ... no, that's not working. Looks like you'll need to edit your toolbar setup file manually and remove it.)

  • Thanks !!!!!!

    Can this status bar somehow can customise it taller ? ( Higher )

    and how would be the easiest way to put an icon for example on my custom button 123DAY ?

    I don't know why it seems to me adding a custom color icon to custom button for me is seems very very diffcult to learn & understand.

    Thank you very much.