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Opera stuttters displaying Youtube video on NON-Fullscreen

  • Latest update was kinda pushed...

    after this if youtube video is played on fullscreen - it plays fine, without stutter/gliching.
    if I watch video in browser as "embeded" - it stutters every two seconds or so.

    Using adblock+ and native opera ad blocker.

    Noticed that native adblocker records each such sturret as new add

    is it just me??

  • the same problem is with all video services. for example - twitch does the same.
    impossible to watch video in windowed, no issued in full screen.

  • Using adblock+

    Did you try disabling it?

  • yes. same effect with adblock on or off.

    everything started literally with the latest update.
    the one "security update" and it installed on top, not via the standard "silent" update in background...

  • and this happens only when video is displayed.
    so if I leave the same stuttering video in background tab - it's fine. no issues..

  • opera jus updated again:

    Version: 45.0.2552.812 (PGO) - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit

    still same issue persists

  • and by the way, no issues on vanilla chrome.

  • Try doing a portable install of Opera on the same system. Does it also have the issue?

  • Any changes with hardware acceleration disabled?

  • Having the same exact problem, ended up here trying to Google for answers. So you're definitely not the only one.

  • I'm not sure about full-screen, for me it has generally been vice versa.
    Installing Opera I didn't put much hope in using it for video anyway, considering my previous experience with Google Chrome: the latter worked at first just fine, but later all videos - especially large - got stuttering. I've no clear idea what causes it - in Chromium browsers, no other browser here exhibits such stuttering.

    YouTube is actually all right here. You say update though, so I figured it may be relevant in general, like something at last revealed itself to broader audience...
    When I had the trouble with Chrome, I had in mind it could be also due to my poor hardware and such capacities... Though the update might have upped the threshold for such capacities.

    Some trouble in Firefox, I observed that other pages might interfere, heavy content on the same page may interfere.
    So try, say, creating a plain html with only 1 single element - a YouTube video embedded, and open it WITHOUT any other pages or tabs open at the same time. Also, try to minimise other applications active. See what happens.
    I mean you could find a very light page with such a video saving trouble creating your own doc. If you like...

    You say two adblockers? And Leo said to deactivate the additional one. But I figured your native AB did something. Try disabling it instead, there might be an issue there...

  • well, completelly re-installed opera. selected "delete user data" during the uninstall. didn't help. The stutter persist on clean and fresh install. Google chrome - no problems. even internet explorer no problems.

    then Installed the Opera developer release. Works no issues, stutter is gone, no lags, etc.
    Win10 64 bit system.

    Joshl, regarding hardware: it is laptop with latest 7th gen i5, 8 gb ram, Nvidia GTX 1050 video card, not overloaded with apps. The fact that it works fine on barely used, vanilla chrome and Developer would suggest that there are no issues on hardware side.
    All adblockers disabled. Even after CLEAN reinstall, without any sync, bookmarks, clear speed-dial, no extensions, no adblock - issue is there. but not existing on the developer. Reboots did not improve situation as well.

    As I mentioned - there is stutter every one or two seconds, with constant time gaps between each (2 seconds let's say - didn't measure), on absolutely all videos: is it youtube, twitch, or anything else, as long as these are displayed within the page (so - youtube video page, embedded video within other page) - as part of the page. If i turn video to fullscreen - there is no stutter, it works fine, no issues.
    Each stutter increases the "blocked content" count on native adBlock by 1. so "blocked content" count during 5 min video might reach 50+. but stutters persist even with adBlockers off. just annoying video ad before original video is displayed and that's it.

    Oh, also, disabled and then enabled anything on the sidebar, i.e. facebook messenger. didn't help.

    but then again, developer version installed - no problems.

  • Something gets clogged, I think.
    Like my first months (or weeks) with Google Chrome... Then it got somehow ^heavily used^...

    If it's only about Chromiums, then it might relate to their multi-processes activity, how - I do not know. Guesses: priorities for certain processes don't match those for certain other ones, or (and) perhaps video card or drivers something which should do with that gets clogged, or I don't know.
    I mean you need 1) the page, 2) the media file or stream embedded or something, 3) a plug-in to crack it moving, 4) the graphics and other hardware stuff to actually perform it. Plus I do not know what else - some tiny nano-guy moving around there fetching coffee to the major 4.

    So I mean what? That stuff do not make stutters with a single-process browser, but it does or it is likely to do on a multi-process one.
    On a single-process browser the flow is usually smooth (if the file loads well), and the only trouble to consider is how your hardware copes with actual performing, whether you've got enough memory and CPU power. Even when my CPU tops 100% most of the time something plays - it plays and it's smooth - let alone intermittent freezes for my hardware to catch up and take some breath.

  • i agree Josh, but in my case, it's perfectly fine with Crome. which is the same: multi process Chromium browser.