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Default location for adding bookmarks from the heart icon

  • The current saving behavior for adding bookmarks using the heart button is really annoying. Is there a way to make opera not remember the last save location of the bookmarks and for every new bookmark the location should be the unsorted folder.
    What's the point of unsorted bookmarks folder if opera remembers the last location of where you save the last bookmark and future bookmarks will save there. The whole point of unsorted folder is when you save something in the hurry and get back to it latter. If opera remembers the last saved location for the bookmarks how should I remember where I last saved a bookmark thus I always have to search for my new bookmarks because they are lost in the folder tree were I last saved.

  • So, save the next bookmark to Unsorted, explicitly, and then all subsequent ones will go there. You can go to Unsorted and move them wherever you want form there.

  • This will work only if you exclusively save bookmarks to Unsorted. I often save bookmarks to a different location if I bookmark something from a certain category, but the most of the time I use the Unsorted folder and from there I will move the Item to My Folders. If I Bookmark something to a certain folder and then I'm in a hurry and I bookmark something else that clearly I want to go to Unsorted to look up later then my bookmark will save at the last location used and if I don't remember where I last save then I have to look in all my folders to search where my new bookmark could be.

  • Is there a way to make opera not remember the last save location of the bookmarks