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  • I have hesitated to switch to post-Opera 12, but here I am. I am trying to transfer my saved password from Opera 12 to Opera 20 and copying the wand.dat file, after decrypting it, did not do the trick.

    Is it even possible to do such a thing and, if yes, how?


  • "During your upgrade, your Opera 12 profile was left unaltered. Data from your profile has been integrated into your new Opera browser. This includes passwords, cookies, user-defined searches, and extensions. Your new browser has its own profile that has copied much of your Opera 12 profile."

    Have you tried entering sites requiring your passwords to see whether or not the browser would provide them? I use the Lastpass extension so I'm not familiar with the wand's storing and exporting but according to the above quote from the Opera Help, they should have been exported.

  • Yes, I know my Opera 12 is there and unchanged and I can see that some of the data was imported into Opera 20. However, my passwords have not.
    Perhaps I should mention that at the time of installation, my passwords were still encrypted with the "master password" option in Opera 12. Could this have made a difference and be the reason why my passwords haven't been imported?

  • Same Question Here . I Had Try Different Methods . But It Doesent Meet My Need

  • Same for me.
    It has imported some v12 passwords but not all. Initially I thought it was OK but was soon irritated by the appearance of PW data in only some dialogs. I never had any master password etc to lock encryption settings.

    & a bit OT
    Seems the devs aren't all that serious about keeping existing users of good old Opera 12. Sadly a lot of code is now not working 100% on that version which is forcing a browser change.

    I wish the bookmark import plugin alphabetized the bookmarks, (be nice if that gets addressed by the author as the extension is a badly needed bit of code.) BUT why wasn't that obvious migration need fully looked at & tested by the devs?

    I can see why they want to move on but why shaft loyal users with half-baked migration possibilities?

  • That situation was mentioned in the Desktop blog last year - it'll take a while to find it, but they did say how to deal with a master password.

  • Your master password protected passwords will not migrate automatically. To migrate them, run Opera with the –presto-master-password=<master password> command line switch.

    Also see:

    Quote: Wand passwords: wand.dat (if you had set a master password, you will also need to copy the Certificates files -- and set the same master password in the new installation)

  • The page is for transferring data to another Presto version, and not useful here. The desktop blog link is the one you want. If it doesn't work, then you'll have to delete your Opera 20 profile as well to force it to re-import the data. As in, close Opera, delete the Opera Stable folder from your roaming directory, open a Run dialog or Command Prompt and type

    launcher.exe –presto-master-password=<master password>

    ... of course with your actual master password where it says <master password>