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Bookmarks program for Opera 12, Firefox and Chrome

  • I am always impressed how streamlined Opera 12's Bookmark Manager was. So efficient, unencumbered. Fast and swift.
    Firefox is a nightmare. Chrome is so faint I can hardly read it with their narrow, lightened font on a bleached white background. With Opera you can control everything. I can copy and paste from there.

    Now what I'm looking for is a stand alone program that integrates well with Firefox and Chrome and the older Opera (12).


  • I wonder if a spreadsheet program might be a better way of doing it. I could always use a word processor with folders and subfolders. But a spreadsheet allows me to label things and would be a lot more powerful.


  • A lot depends on what you mean by "integrates well" with various browsers. A spreadsheet is a versatile way to list and annotate things and I use them for many purposes, but either you will have to copy/paste a spreadsheet-listed URL to a chosen browser to access the site or you will only be able to open one of the browsers (the system default one) by clicking on the selected URL in the spreadsheet - assuming, even, that the spreadsheet has some form of URL formatting/recognition functionality for cell data. Saving a URL from a browser over to the spreadsheet as a bookmark will involve manual effort, regardless.

  • At one time there were a number of external bookmark managers that would merge all your bookmarks, I don't know if any remain that support old Opera.

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