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Opera doesn't store my Facebook login password

  • I am using Opera 44.0 on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit.

    Opera stores the passwords of the sites I log to (and agree for it to store the password). However, when I connect to Facebook, it doesn't prompt for a stored password.

    I have checked the setups: Opera doesn't list Facebook as a site for which never to store the password (I tested refusing storing a password for another site, it is now listed as such, and it is the only one), nor does it show having a password stored for FB.

    Any idea as to what to do?


  • However, when I connect to Facebook, it doesn't prompt for a stored password.

    So when you go to Facebook, Opera doesn't fill in the login and password fields?

    Is your login and password listed in the passwords manager?

  • It fills in the login field, but does not fill in the password field.
    No, Facebook is NOT listed in either section of the passwords manager.

  • This also happens (at least) for another site to which I connected a few minutes ago, and for which I had noted that Opera had recorded its password: it doesn't, the site is not listed, and Opera doesn't prompt recording the password.


    I connected for the 4th or 5th time to FB this morning. A couple of minutes after I had connected, it prompted me to save the password, I accepted, and it did (I checked by logging out, closing the page, reopening it, and lo and behold!, it was now filling both fields correctly).

    So I am quite at a loss to understand why it didn't do it for days, and why it suddenly did it now. No, I haven't changed anything in my OS or browser's configurations.