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Problem with blank opera:cache in 12.02 on win7--where'd it go?

  • Hi everyone!

    I've been using Opera 12.02 both on win2k and win7 without any trouble, until suddenly the one on win7 isn't showing any items in opera:cache

    No links, no images, not even all the domains I've visited.

    It displays fine on my win2k machine (even antiquated one), AND USED TO on the win7, but suddenly no longer.
    I can copy the same Opera12.02 folder over that works on win2k, but on win7 opera:cache is basically blank!

    I don't know that it has anything to do with the operating system version, but I'm just mentioning that in case it's of importance. As I said, the Opera 12.02 cache displayed fully on win7 all these years--it was just recently that I noticed it is essentially blank.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at all? Thanks!!!


  • Basic question: Is cache enabled?

  • I think it's enabled. Here are my settings in Preferences>Advanced>History

    Remember visited addresses for history and autocompletion = 1000
    Remember content on visited pages, is checked
    Memory cache is Automatic
    Disk cache 100MB
    Empty on exit, is unchecked
    Check documents every 5 minutes
    Check images every 5 hours

    I'm really scratching my head over this one...So I'd be grateful for any suggestions at all!

    (I haven't been able to find even one other instance of it mentioned on the Internet)

    As I said, it's worked for years on this win7--same computer even--and suddenly nothing!

    Thanks again for any help


  • What happens if you increase disk cache?

  • Actually, I normally keep it at 50MB (the default setting I guess), and so the 100MB was already an attempt to see if that was it.

    I'm writing this from the win2k machine---using the exact same installation of Opera 12.02---and opera:cache is displaying everything. This really makes no sense, especially since it had been working fine to copy the installation over to win7 and just use it.

    Sounds like nobody else has encountered this?

    Thanks again for trying with suggestions...


  • There are some outside programs that will clear Opera's (and other browser's) cache automatically, you don't have something like that installed?

  • No, nothing installed, and no extensions either.

    I'm writing this now on the win7 machine with the win2k version copied over WITH stuff already in the cache (left uncleared). And THAT stuff seems to display (at least the content I checked) on the win7, but nothing added while surfing on the win7 with the copy.

    That's not quite true: I did notice that some sites (say google images) ARE displaying now in cache (using that "pre-loaded" copy that had visited google) But others aren't.

    So it comes over OK, and the opera:cache works to display--but it's somehow not picking up added content for all sites.

    (Again, win7 may not have anything to do with it; I'm just mentioning that in case it does, and also to distinguish between the two outcomes to the same opera installation)

    Can somebody please use their Opera 12.02 to go to say and see if you can get any jpeg's displaying in the opera:cache? (that's one site I noticed that loads but doesn't display in cache) Maybe it's a change in their code?

    Thanks again for helping with any suggestions!!


  • Just to add another clue:

    Clearing the cache (on that "pre-loaded" copy) causes opera:cache to revert back to not displaying stuff, EVEN from websites it HAD listed/shown (using that "pre-load" trick) Google images, for example.

    So it seems to be something local (rather than a problem from websites changing their code), and particular to win7 (so perhaps it was Bill Gates who got to it with one of his updates)

    I'm just totally lost, hoping anyone has further suggestion...


  • Maybe Opera cannot write to the cache folder because of a permissions issue. This would not apply to Windows 2000, especially if it's on a FAT32 drive instead of an NTFS drive.
    Is Opera being run as an administrator? If not, try that.
    If you just copied the Opera installation over from Windows 2000 and didn't actually run the installer, things like permissions may not be set correctly.

  • No, nothing installed, and no extensions either.

    cCleaner Pro either?

    You can monitorize the "History" file to check what happens.

  • Thanks for those extra suggestions.

    Well it looks like I need to take back something I said. The test site I mentioned,, isn't showing up in opera:cache on my win2k machine either (I thought ALL sites were showing up fine for it but just not the one running on win7).

    It doesn't display either (on the win2k)

    But it does display on the win7, just not showing up in cache.

    So I really am beginning to suspect Opera 12 is just out of date with the newer website codings.

    If somebody still has Opera12.02 running I'd sure appreciate you verifying that does or doesn't show up in the opera:cache (and whether it displays or not to begin with)

    Thanks again!

  • The site seems to work fine in Opera 12.18 on Windows XP, but as you say, there is no sign of any of its files in the cache.

  • Dave, Thanks for verifying that!! It confirms the issue isn't with my OS (even win7 the cache is absent)

    But I can assure you that this same website once appeared in the cache just fine (on either OS, old or new)

    So does anyone have any ideas on why Opera 12 would suddenly stop displaying cache for a website that still loads? What's going on with that?
    (And of course I'm wondering if there's a setting in its prefs that could unhide the files...)

  • I think it's possible for a site to be coded such that it isn't cached, but why anyone would do that, and more to the point why any site author would want to change that behaviour after the site was published, is a mystery.

  • Some secure sites are set not to be cached, and in that case I can understand why. There are also sites which change their content so often you need to constantly reload, but I'd think that would apply more to news or social sites and not a retailer like Land's End. So you'd have to ask them.

  • Well that possibility is out: appears just fine in the cache of Firefox!

    But, the site did work fine at one time in the same version of Opera, no changes.
    So I would have to agree that it does seem coding related.

    Yet why would one browser have it in the cache, but the other not?
    Any other ideas on why Opera 12 has suddenly stopped?

    Thanks again for any help!
    (I'm wondering if Opera 12 can be tweaked to get it working again)


  • Just checking back in to see if anyone has any more ideas...

    It's really odd that the web page would load, but not appear in the cache (but it does in Firefox)

    Is anyone even still using Opera 12??


  • I'm still using it, and I reproduced the problem.
    Still no idea why it's happening though!

  • Thanks again for checking! At least I know it's not a problem particular to me.

    Does anyone know of any third-party cache viewers that would display the contents of Opera 12?

  • Does anyone know of any third-party cache viewers that would display the contents of Opera 12?

    There used to be one called 'Opera cache viewer' or something similar.