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  • In the profile for Opera, there is a folder called "Local Extension Settings". It has folders for 9 extensions in it. I have 17 Opera extensions and 3 Chrome extensions. There are 11 Opera extensions and 1 Chrome extension that have Options buttons. Why are the other extension settings not local? Are they remote? Are they stored outside of the profile?

    Sync Extension Settings has in it "Cleanup Data", which clears history, caches, form data, downloads, cookies, passwords, plugin data (would this be Flash cookies?), website file systems, indexed DB data, webSQL data, locally stored data. Why is it a sync extension, or are the settings synced with something else?

  • Sync itself is an extension to the underlying Chromium browser.

  • Would the plugin data that gets cleared be flash cookies? What about empty folders that have no cookies because I did not allow any? Those are just a waste of space.

    Would Cleanup Data be the only extension that affects the browser itself? What about Easy WebRTC Block or Download Chrome Extension or Canvas Defender?

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