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StartPage web results will not show

  • Opera is my preferred browser although I have three others on my desktop PC. StartPage search is my preferred search over Google, Ixquick, Bing, and the many others. About a week ago when I entered a search in StartPage no results would be visible. At the bottom of the page it would say how many pages of results were generated but not a single result is visible. When I go to StartPage on any of my other browsers the results show up normally. Since that time I have gotten ZERO search results from StartPage in Opera.
    I have contacted tech support at StartPage but they have not been able to help as of yet.
    My PC is about 8 years old and has the Vista OS. I have made no changes in extensions in many months and my Opera version is up to date.
    This is a stumper and I wonder whether anyone can explain and help me fix this strange behavior. I also have checked that all the StartPage settings match exactly the settings in the other browsers.

  • Try two things:

    First, open their page in a private window. If the problem goes away then it is one of your extensions.

    If that doesn't work, try renaming your Opera profile folder. It will create a fresh one. If the problem goes away then its a problem with your profile. Copy your bookmarks and such over to the new profile and re-tweak your settings manually.

  • My PC is about 8 years old and has the Vista OS

    This means that you are using a very old version of Opera and, consequently, a very old version of Chromium since Opera stopped supporting Vista a while ago.

    And the older the browser version, more are the chances that pages start showing issues.

    Anyway, you can try deleting cookies and cache to see if it helps.

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