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Opera Next 21.0.1432.39 crashes after startup

  • Windows XP SP3

    Deleted the History file and managed to disable my 3 extensions before a crash occurred. Didn't solve the problem.
    De/re-install didn't solve the problem (I chose to keep my profile user data).
    Should I disable the Aura hardware accelaration? Any solution?

  • De-installed including user data and cleaned up with ASC to be sure. That helped: Re-installed succesfully after reboot:-)

  • And re-added the X-notifier extension (Chrome version). So far, so good 😉

    Except... I am only talking to myself: Not so good... LOL 😎

  • Well, the thing is, it has only really been just over three hours since you posted your initial post with your problem. It could be a time when most people are not here on this forum, either busy working, doing other things, or maybe sleeping etc. The good thing though is: 1) you seem to have sorted your problem out, and 2) you have posted your findings and what you did to correct your problem, which will be of great use to someone else who maybe going through the exact same problem/s as your were. 3) self help can sometimes be good too.

  • Hey
    I got same kind of problem with my opera Next on win 7 64 bit it wont usually start on first try. Its freezes and it dont respons on any clicks, only way to shutdown it is open task manager and shutdown biggests opera.exe processes. I usualy have to do this 3-5 times before browser starts...
    Is there anyother solution than reinstall?
    Because i got many links on stash and i dont want lose them and i dont now how backuo them.

  • Freezes ... as the OP mentioned, delete the history file(s). Crashes, unknown as of yet.

  • I've stopped using O Next, as it crashes after 10 seconds or so. These problems have carried over into the update of the last couple of days. I'm wondering if it wasn't my trying out several speed dial extensions at teh Chrome extension store, as it was just fine before this. But uninstalling everything, including personal data, hasn't stopped the crashing, so its most likely not the extensions goofing up (especailly b/c I uninstalled them).

    At any rate, O Stable is fine, so no worries, but I'd love to try out the Next build and send the test info back to Opera....but not if its crashing all the time.