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Opera 20: opening PDF/other files with external viewer

  • Hopefully an easy question. I prefer to have PDF/Word/other documents opened with the standard external viewer for those files rather than within the web browser (obviously most document formats other than PDF don't even have a plugin to open them in the browser).

    In Opera 12.16, if I click on a link to a PDF, I get a dialog box asking me whether I'd like to Open, Save, Cancel, or Help. Makes perfect sense; I can just click "Open" and it pops up in PDF X-change. Alternatively, if it's a PDF that I'd like to save for later (eg. one of Atmel's 500 page datasheets that I really can't get through in one sitting) then I can hit "Save".

    In Firefox 24.4 ESR (once I've changed the setting for PDF file handling) I get a dialog box with two radio buttons (Open File and Save File) and an OK/cancel button. Again, makes perfect sense, although it takes one extra click compared to Opera 12.16.

    In Opera 20 (and also in Chrome 34) I get a "Save As" dialog box. The options are Save and Cancel. The only way to open the file is to save it and then manually open it. This is really annoying, especially since for one-off files I then have to delete them once I've finished with them rather than having that occur automatically.

    Am I just missing something obvious? Or is that really how Opera works now? Any chance of getting it fixed in Opera 21?

    Thread closed as duplicate of: Open a file instead of save it

  • Or is that really how Opera works now?

    Yes, this is how Opera works: you need to save the file first or use a plugin to open it.

    Any chance of getting it fixed in Opera 21?

    Nope and not even on 22 as it is by design.

  • Ah, okay. No worries. My search for a better browser continues.

  • Wow, this is really a show-stopper.

  • This extension adds "open" to context menu.
    Just right-click the PDF-link, choose open and voilà it opens right in your external application 😉

  • It's actually very easy in Opera Blink — just open the downloads tab: opera://downloads where you can open downloads, delete them, or clear the list.