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  • Hello

    While I'm sure I'll be called a Nazi, and people will try to get me fired

    I have to ask, why is the news feed on your browser filled exclusively with globalist propaganda?

    Why would even people who think borders are racist want a news feed that includes "Twitters best bot is a robot setting Trump tweets on fire"

    Doesn't anyone in this world crave actual news anymore, not entertainment?

    I'm sorry, but literally every news outlet shoves this down my throat everyday, and I've used opera since well before 12, and I feel a little betrayed. Not that you think "Oh things aren't great in India, we should invite all 1 billion of them over and that will surely work out" or "My lord someone in America doesn't think that their lineage until the end of time should die for Israel and pay every bit of their taxes for Israel and poison their lands for Israel, this is a travesty! Surely if I fill their notification bar with globalist nonsense, they will become good people again."

    It's just really old

    Do you think I don't see and hear the same propaganda on EVERY news channel, EVERY radio station, parroted by every one of my coworkers, shoved down my throat by my family, across every bit of advertising on the Internet that I frequent, all over twitter, pinterest, Instagram. If you think that I just haven't heard all of this stuff and that's the reason for my "fascistic" opinion that borders are not racist, you're wrong.

    My grandfather died in WWII for me, not for the Syrian kid on the other side of the world. All the Americans before me built a great society for THEIR children, not children in Syria. Syria has their own society, that they built and is exclusively theirs, and accurately portrays their thoughtfulness and love for their successors. And if those ancestors refused to give their children a decent inheritance, it is a reflection of those people's worthwhile- ness.

    And I know I will be banned immediately, and this post deleted. But at least somebody will read it.

    And I'm sure the chants of "cis-white- straight-male privilege" are dancing across your tongue, I'm actually trans and gay. Because being a part of a minority makes you immune to criticism. That's how it should be, right?

    May your day be thoughtful and productive


  • You do know, you can disable notifications in Opera - I did long ago.

  • I sense a conspiracy theorist in our midst - Go back to Alex Jones. You can disable the news feed if you wish, I did it to conserve bandwidth and battery.