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Opera Developer Missing Window Controls (Manjaro 64 bit GNOME)

  • Hi there.

    I'm running the Opera Developer version 45.0.2545.0. I could only get the H.264 support to work with the developer version so that's why I'm running it. But now whenever I maximize Opera, the window controls are missing. No X, minimize or maximize controls in the top right. Although if I click the top right, it does close Opera.

    As you can see in that screenshot, the controls are not there. I've searched and I've found people having these troubles with GNOME in the past, but no real solution was offered. In the non-developer version, at least the X is rendered, but the other controls are missing. I would really like to be able to minimize and maximize VIA these typical controls.

    Any way to enable them?

  • Hi @spirrwelltech , this is a known bug and it will be fixed soon.

  • Alright, great. Thanks for the response! I would presume you guys probably don't have a timeline for that? I've noticed it works fine under the Cinnamon desktop environment so I'm content with that for now.

    But the GNOME desktop environment is just so beautiful and I really love using Opera. So I look forward to it working properly.

    On an unrelated note, because I can't seem to edit a post here and my typo in my first post is driving me nuts, it should be "I've searched"

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

  • The forum only allows 30 minutes to edit posts - which doesn't really help if your post gets held for moderation. However; corrected for you.