Opera does not mark YouTube videos as "Watched"

  • Hello, I am experiencing a small issue with the Opera.
    Whenever I finish watching a YouTube video from my subscription list or any video at all, it does not mark it as "Watched", instead it keeps it marked as if I only watched part of the video.

    To clarify this is what I am seeing:
    The top video has been fully viewed but it is being marked as partially viewed.
    The bottom one is fully watched and has been marked as "Watched" only because I viewed it on my tablet.

    This has been going for last two updates for me since updates"
    44.0.2510.857 (current)

    I am not using any extensions.

    I am running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

  • It's an old issue that seems to be caused by the ad-blocker list.

  • I am not using any extensions.

  • I am not using any extensions.

    Opera has its own built-in ad-blocker.

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