Unreadable webpage

  • Hi guys i'm really lost in this problem.
    Searching on the whole internet and cannot solve it. Some of my webpages like "google support", "youtube" or "unity" that got their font very thin and like half erased. It's unreadable. But it is all O.K on IE. If someone can help me it would be very cool.

    Thank you by advance guys

  • I've seen posts about this, but fortunately never encountered it myself. The solution seems to be to either disable hardware acceleration or to change the Cleartype settings in Windows, with disabling acceleration being the easier of the two.

    Go to Settings and first click the checkbox to show advanced settings. Then under Browser > System (or type "accel" in the search box) clear the checkbox for "Use hardware acceleration when available". I think you need to restart Opera for the change to take effect.

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