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  • Hello ,

    [Start Toolbar.content]
    Button0, "MyButton02"="xxxxxxxxxx"
    Button1, "MyButton03"="xxxxxxxxxx"
    Spacer3, 2
    Button4, "MyButton04"="Delay, 10, , "Opera" & Show popup menu, "MyMenuSections opera""

    How I can make above Button 4 " editable " so that I can copy paste url to it and MyMenuSections opera in opera.ini also automatically update ?

    My Bookmark was having issue they always overwrites so that I am looking for alternative method like that above.

    ( I also know aboout below knowledge but not sure if also as of use in my needs )
    Button21, "Save session button"="Save window setup, , , "Save session button", "YOUR_BUTTON_ICON" & Delay, 500 & Focus next widget & Uncheck item & Focus previous widget & Clear & Insert, "Session" + Show popup menu, "Internal Session list""

    Thank you very much.

  • Buttons are not editable. If the button involves a form field you could use Paste before activating the field - that is not editing the button.

  • Hello,

    Please if it is possible from START BAR make an icon with " FOLDERS WHEN DROPDOWN " sort of like similar to the Bookmark icon ?

    I have in index.ini :

    [MyMenuSections opera]

    Item, "OPERA"="Open URL in new page, """
    Item, "MIUI EN ALL"="Open URL in new page, """
    Item, "reddit weekly discussion"="Open URL in new page, """

    I want to add a FOLDER for the 1st item OPERA so that I can continue adding Url in this folder.


  • Folders are problematic in Presto; always have been. While it is possible to make a menu display a bookmarks folder, there is no guarantee that it'll continue to work properly on anything other than the root folder (the entire Bookmarks menu). If you make any changes (add or remove bookmarks or folders) prior to the folder in question, then the index number for that folder will change and your menu will stop working as it should. My only advice has to be, don't bother.