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  • Not sure what i did, but my Opera 12.8 menu bar (dropdown) has become too big for example when you click the bookmark tab that shows a dropdown of your bookmark can only show half of the list compared to before (not sure if text size increased but the gaps between each list has grown) including right click pop up menu so i now have to go tru 3 pages of bookmark before i can reach some bookmark instead of 2.

    anyway to solve this issue?

  • Can you post a picture?

    If you go to Preferences > Advanced > Fonts and click on Browser menus, does anything look strange? The other possibility that comes to mind would be a change in the Language settings.

  • I assume you mean Opera 12.18, not 12.8!
    Try going to another skin and then back again.
    Also see if the problem is there with different skins.

  • hi guys, i managed to change them via windows personalization -> windows color & appearance -> advance appearance setting it's under "Menu" which determines the gap between each row, however the size is limited by the font size & type.

    however everything now looks different. the rest of the menu fonts also shrunk when i reduce the size & font for "Menu".

    so i'm guessing whatever made the change was done on Opera 12.18, it did not change the font size however it changed the "gap" between each menu content (File/Edit/View/Bookmark etc dropdown) & right click context menu resulting each row of dropdown taking more space so what used to be 2 page bookmark is now 3 pages.

    i've spent few hours trying to figure it out and i'm abit tired.

    what i did was i installed this Touchmote program that is designed for some controllers like wiimote to be used on PC as a touchpad, it activated this flick on windows (which i disabled) but seeing only Opera is affected i'm not sure how to solve the issue.

  • A touchpad, or a touchscreen? Menus on touchscreen devices have to be larger so that Windows can tell which item you touched - touchscreens are not as precise as devices which interact with the pointer. Not that I was aware 12.x ever supported touch events, but that seems to be what happened here.

    If your Touchmote program actually uses the pointer like a mouse or touchpad then I'm not sure what happened; if it allows you to just point at something on the screen then it's acting like a touchscreen.

    Go to opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableTouchUI and set it to 0, scroll down to Save (and click it), then restart Opera to get the old menus back.